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Request for copies to be ripped from CDs legally owned/Offers to do so for others


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Hello Fellow VGM Lovers,

This is probably an unusual request, but I have an interesting favor to ask for those of you who have used, unsealed and genuine VGM CDs. I have recently begun purchasing VGM albums once again, and I have decided that I will archive all of them as FLAC files (see http://flac.sourceforge.net and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flac for more Information on FLAC). I have been extremely fortunate to acquire genuine sealed first prints of many old albums. Ripping the used CDs is no problem. However the CDs that are still sealed I intend for them to stay sealed, as they will be worth more in that condition (Recently, I had the opportunity to choose between an FF V Dear Friends used sealed album first print edition, and I got the sealed one, which cost about US$30.00 more than the used one at http://www.vgmworld.com .). For all of the albums listed in this post I have genuine copies manufactured by the original publishers in Japan; none of them are bootlegs from Ever Anime, Son May, or any of those other cheap, crappy scam artists (none of that 'buy it now for 5.99' stuff on Ebay, either!).


Here is what I am asking, and it may get me some flames (but so be it...), because it probably will appear odd and/or suspicious to many of you. But, anyway, here it goes... Can anyone rip me copies of these sealed albums? They would need to be ripped as FLAC (not MP3, as I need a lossless format) copies. I can post or email photos of me holding these albums, if anyone wants actual proof that I have indeed purchased them. If you are willing to help me with this I would ask that you only rip copies from genuine CDs, not bootlegs, due to bootlegs often having problems with the sound quality; to ensure the CD is genuine you can look at the catalog numbers on the back or spine of the album/CD case (usually a number like 'PSCN-5012'). You can look up catalog numbers to see if they are genuine at http://www.vgmdb.net. The albums I would like FLAC file copies made of (along with their catalog numbers for different prints) are below.:

Dear Friends: Music from Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack (TGCS-2726)

The Black Mages II The Skies Above (UPCH-1377, SQEX-10111

Time & Space - A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda (OUS-001)

More Friends: Music from Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack (TGCS-2727)

The Black Mages (SSCX-10080, SQEX-10019)

All Sounds of Final Fantasy I & II (H25X-20015 , X22Z-1014, PSCR-5251)

Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon (N30D-006, PSCN-5017, NTCP-5017)

Seiken Densetsu 2 Original Sound Version (N25D-019, SQ107PSCN-5030, NTCP-5030)

Chrono Trigger Original Sound Version (PSCN-5021~3 , NTCP-5021~3)

Seiken Densetsu 3 Original Sound Version (PSCN-5026~8, PSCN-5026~8)

Final Fantasy Love Will Grow (PSCN-5041, NTCP-5041)

Square Enix Party 2007 Special Disc (No catalog Number - More Information at http://www.vgmdb.net/db/albums.php?id=7423)

Final Fantasy V Dear Friends (N30D-017, NTCP-5018, PSCN-5018 )

The Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight (DERP-10002)

Game Music Concert ~ The Best Selection (WPCL-560)

Orchestral Game Concert ~ The Best Selection 2 (WPCL-709)

Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy (AWR 10101)

There are two ways you could make copies. One, you could burn them onto a CD or DVD, and I would arrange to pay for shipping and the cost of the blank disc and sleeve/case (or I could snail mail you a blank disc with a paper sleeve). Or two, I could set up an online account and directory using my PowWeb account, and you could log into that using an FTP client or a web-based interface to upload the files, so that I could then download them. I would not expect anyone to write ID3 or any other sort of tags for them-- I would just ask that each file is saved with the album's catalog number and track title (for example, 'PSCN-5012_01.FLAC'). Whichever way you would decide to do this I would not make the files available to anyone else; if they were uploaded I would delete them from the server as soon as they were downloaded onto my computer and backed up onto DVD-R discs; I certainly do not want to facilitate the illegal downloading of music (although the point of this post is not to debate the morality or immorality of that).

As far as I know, asking people to do this for me is in no way illegal or in violation of any copyrights, seeing as I do now own the original albums.

As well, if anyone out there wants me to do this same thing for them I would be more than happy to help you with it, for any albums you may have that are sealed that I have opened/used copies of-- just let me know which ones you want copies of and I will let you know if I can rip it for you or not. This would apply even to people who aren't able to help me with this for my own sealed CDs.

For anyone who can help me or point me towards sites/people who could help me I would really appreciate it, and I would do whatever I could to return to the favor for those who help me with this. Thank you for whoever even decides to read this far into this post, and especially thank you to anyone who helps me with this.

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this is an odd request, you're right.

i know that some of the people over at Galbadia Hotel have original copies and would be willing to rip stuff for you. just google the phrase. it's the first hit.

Thanks for the tip-- I've found quite a few copies of my sealed albums there in MP3 format. I'll also be trying VGM Central on Direct Connect. I wish that beggars could be choosers, but alas it isn't so. Oh well ;-)!

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