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Ok so ive decided to come out of the shadows & start releasing my works from over the last year or so. Financial crap has forced me to shut down my site :( and is forcing me to use *gulp* rapid share for now (sorry).

Anyway on to tha toonz. Anyone who remembers me knows i am a total Drum & Bass head so expect some serious beats from me. I have a few new toonz and some older stuff i have remade/changed. I will be posting new tracks every other day so keep an eye out if ya like my work.

So first up is a re-relase of my old remix of timesplitters 2, western & siberia themes. This has been remastered & balanced a bit better than the original release from a few years back. I have also added some new content into it.

So here it is, Timesplitters 2: Take 2 (and call me in the morning)


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Im familiar with Siberia, but not the western theme, but I'll listen to it.

Great use of sampling, once again.

Nice build-up there at the start (starting to drag out, though :P)

This one is very flat too...

The part at about 3:20 is very nice. Good and full.

I would consider having more of the original melody in there, I could barely hear any of it (until about 3:10-20)

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