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This is the newest version of my Perfect Dark Chicago drum & bass remix. Alot of new samples added and a great deal of the old ones replaced. I think this sounds alot better than the original mix i did a while back but i shall let you all be the judge of that. I have also balanced this one a bit to reduce the clipping present in the first version, i always seem to find that difficult :\ its hard to get Drum & bass style basslines from fruityloops without distorting the track :(

Hopefully this one sounds better compared to the original:

Perfect Dark: Chicagian (drum & bass remix)


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Im not really into Drum and bass, but I'll give it a listen since I like the composition.

I bet a drum & bass fan would find it very good, but I think it was just a 'good'.

It is a bit flat, I think. The balancing is good, though. Great use of voice effects.

All in all its between "Good" and "Very good" IMO. (I'm used to the RKO ratings :P)

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