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Wireless router keeps dying out

Black Mage

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We have a Belkin wireless router in our house, but multiple times throughout the day my connection to our DSL via the router dies out. My wireless card in my compy is still receiving the router at "very good" or "excellent" but there's no data being transmitted. The only answer is to go out and unplug then replug the power cable to the router. Then the connection is re-established and I can continue to be connected. It's not a major issue, but it is very much an annoyance I'd rather do without and would like to fix.

Is this possibly a problem with the router just getting too warm and needing to be reset? Any other hypotheses?

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Are you sure it's not the main router to connect with?

The wireless part of the equation at my house would sometimes go on the fritze do to power surges amoung other things, but sometimes it was also messed up because the router the company gave us CONSTANTLY drops during some times of the year.

You might want to talk to your provider and see about it, I know for us the reason they gave for the constant drops is 'youre at the end of the network and every time we get a new customer in your area it'll drop your connection.'

They gave us a new/faster router as compensation, it still drops at some points of the year, but most of the time it's fine, and the wireless one is ok.

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