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  1. Oh, the earlier days, when UnMod nearly became 4Chan. Back when the forums would muster the trolling might of OCRAPS (OverClocked ReMix Anti-Plagiarism Squad) whenever some brat on YouTube would claim an OCR as their own work. Fun times.
  2. Some time ago I posted a list of all my Nintendo Power issues in the For Sale thread. The deal was they'd be free to a good home, you only pay shipping. If there's any interest, I'd be happy to go through and list all my issues for those interested in adopting them. Is there any interest in the community? I'd rather they go to someone who would appreciate them than to the recycling center.
  3. I've been playing since about the game was released (Name: Hexenmeister), and I am still not great. I can grab and occasionally even cap a flag, and I do well in base defense. I think my hardware hold me back a bit, because even after stripping down the graphics and the HUD, my frame rate can get pretty choppy. So sniping is certainly out of the question.
  4. Imagine my surprise, while I listened to NPR's Morning Edition, half awake in bed, when I heard about a group of "thousands of people who gather to celebrate their appreciation of classic video game music." I never though I'd hear NPR reporting from the VGM event of the year. From Mega Man to Final Fantasy, Live Video Game Music - NPR
  5. The camera has been sold, or is on hold for the buyer.
  6. SOLD Brand new Canon SX130 IS. $180 (includes shipping to the lower 48) I won this camera in a raffle at work, but I already have too many cameras, so it's up for sale! The Canon SX130 retails for between $199 and $210. "Smart, sleek and creative, the PowerShot SX130 IS is the perfect companion to all your good times. Now you can capture every detail of special moments in crisp, stunning 720p HD - even while using the high-powered 12x wide-angle optical zoom! You'll record in stereo sound, then play back your videos instantly on you computer. The SX130 IS is all about creativity, with fun s
  7. Correct you were, Mr. Prophetik. Just sold it.
  8. SOLD I am selling my Canon SX10 IS on Ebay, stating at $160 (But It Now for $215) with $15 shipping. It includes the Tamrac bag, strap and a Gary Fong Puffer. It's been a great camera and is in excellent condition, but I never use it since I got my DSLR. The auction can be found here.
  9. The Playstation banner and StarWars CD's can both be removed. They are now gone.
  10. Wee need some Drill Dozer musics up in here! The GBA game went unknown and unappreciated, but it's gaming gold. (Jill was even featured in Super Smash Broz. Brawl as a trophy.) At I type I'm jamming down to Metal City, Art Museum, and 3rd Gear. Credits is also a great one.
  11. For Sale: Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy 6-disk Soundtrack Collection. Gone Each case hold two CD's and is also a book that details the Star Wars Special Edition movies and soundtrack. Minor shelf ware on case sleeves and a visual scuff or two of the disks, but from the tracks I tested, they play perfectly. I've also re-re-found my Nintendo Power Mags. As soon as I catalogue the collection I'll offer them to a good home for FREE, you only pay shipping. Stay tuned.
  12. GONE Playstation Retail Banner: $10, Shipping: $7 (lower 48, message me for shipping beyond that), Total = $17.00 This banner measures about 26" x 36" and is in great condition. The grommets are still there as are the steel rods at the top and bottom. It hung in my room for a long time, but now it's time to find it a new home.
  13. Not till December 30th, but yeah, I'm going to try and go this year.
  14. When can we expect the Pong project? I imagine it will be a wonderfully minimalistic score, like Philip Glass joining OCR!
  15. I have decided that I really need to block a website or two that I find very distracting and waste too much time with. There are two methods of which I am aware to block sites on my computer. One is to add them to my host file and the other is to add it to my blocked site list on my router. The only problem is that it is easy for me to undo any blocks I setup. I need a blocking method that is either non-reversible from my computer, or is enough of a pain to undo that I'd be disinclined to try. Can anyone suggest tools/thoughts/methods?
  16. That it is, insane people on the trains, sun light is a rare commodity, and the very threat of an inch of snow is enough to frighten the locals into dawning their tirechains. Also, I don't see any Christmas fallout threads, so I'll start here: Prime gift this year (mostly because I had to fly in and thus can't drive a lot of stuff) was a Kindle 3 and a nice case, i also got a blender, but left that at home. I'll retrieve it when I move back to Utah in February.
  17. I echo this sentiment. Though my posting come and goes in spurts, and though after over six years I'm still very unknown, OCR is by far the most cohesive and self-sustaining communities I've joined. Many forums have come and gone for me over the years, but OCR is something else. I'm especially happy that I managed to get just enough time off to fly home to be with my family for Christmas. Though my time in Portland is finite and due to end in just a hair over two months, I can't wait to get home for good.
  18. I love the new art and the quotes in the titles. I'm tempted to re-download everything, but fear I may undo years worth of rating and library building if I overwrite all my files. I am however updating the album art and album names as we speak.
  19. And a few from Washington Park, above downtown Portland.
  20. Got some new ones for ya. Portland pano 1 Portland pano 2
  21. Holy crap! This is amazing! I mirror Shariq's desire for a mojito right now.
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