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Spyro midi files

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I would absolutely love this! I've wanted to do a remix of Spyro the Dragon for so long, but I'm not too great at matching notes and I usually just lose interest anyway. Seriously, if anyone knows or can do MIDIs of the songs, I would be eternally obliged.

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Well...I'm in the same group as you two, really. I've been searching for Spyro music, either original or remixed, for a very, very long time. After much searching the only place I can really recommend is VGMusic.com and they don't have very many MIDIs from Spyro games. Really, it's just VGMusic, or you can acquire the original music from the games and try to go by that.

There were also two People's Remix Competitions that use Spyro tracks as source material. They were:



Sorry, but that's about all I can do. If you find anything else that's helpful, please PM me.

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