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  1. )?esacrewol ro esacreppU ?selbat ti si rO( !selbaT yadhtriB yppaH
  2. Got mine a decade ago; it was transparent purple. They had dandelion, too; and maybe orange. Mine didn't come with tetris, but I don't know how many times I played Pokémon Red. !yoB emaG ,yadhtriB yppaH
  3. Where did it go anyway?

  4. Magical Starsign for the Nintendo DS. But I can't link to any examples of its soundtrack because none exist online.
  5. I'm not late! !4002noisuF ,yadhtriB yppaH
  6. Get Equipped by The Megas is a great MM2 soundtrack. I also like the original music in the Spyro the Dragon trilogy; 2 and 3 admittedly have mostly better music. If nothing else, the song from Scorch's Pit is awesome. The American Album and the Cave Story Remix Project have some great stuff. So do Hedgehog Heaven and Video Games Live. "The Device Has Been Modified" by Victims of Science is interesting also.
  7. I wondered about that... Hope you had a happy birthday, DarkeSword, and at this point I suppose a happy January. =D
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