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Parker - Why Do I Need MP To Stomp This Goomba?

Hello, all. I have been enjoying this site for years, and been enthusiastic about remixing VG music for just as long.

As many of my "remixes" were just "cut and paste" jobs, I have graduated to using DAWS. Here is something I started some months ago on Cakewalk Music Creator 4.

I realized listening to the mixdown that I used instruments that sound alot like the original song. Rather than starting from scratch, I went back and focused more on stuff like volume tweaking, phasing and such. I plan on varying the kick, percussion, and melody some more, as well as adding some hi hats, once I get more free time (and after I get my hands on Adobe Audition).

Any feedback is welcome. Listening to the mixdown over and over again on my own headphones, I get the feeling that I'm missing any flubs that might show up if someone plays this in another medium (such as a car or stereo system).

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it's off key, and quite dissonant. Use a scale reference for your different channels dude. Like each channel on it's own would probably be fine, but the bass thingy and the lead completely clash to make a dissonant sound. Make sure that each new transition part stays on the same key too. Moreover, this piece is pretty much a cover, not so much a remix. Sorry, but this needs a lot of work :S

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I don't completely agree with HoBoKa.

I like it being dissonant. That's just a matter of taste and not a rule. Then again, there's a reason I studied contemporary classical music for a year.

The main I problems I see is it being way too repetitive. Even sticking so close to the source shouldn't be a problem with a mix like this. But like I say, it's just way too much of the same. Adding a break here and there doesn't change that.

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Thank you for the feedback, I'll start from square one, and strive to make sure that all the tracks are in tune with each other.

I also have a idea on some new melodies/rhythms that are derived from the original song instead of just the exact sequence with different instruments.

I'm not sure if the end result will still be a "dance-y" song when I'm through.

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