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  1. Hi,

    Do you think you can send me the sheet music for Duet of the Keyblade Masters? I really want to try playing it, it's an amazing arrangement of an amazing song :)


  2. I better send in my Kefka piano arrangement before it has to stand in the shadow of this work! That's a compliment btw
  3. It's quite difficult, having to play with your hands on top of each other at some parts and in general very nimble fingers are required. Overall I don't think it's as hard as it sounds, but still no piece of cake. Sheet music is currently in a nearly unreadable state, but if anyone is willing to take up this challenge let me know in a PM and I'll make it easier to read .
  4. Easier said than done . Finding someone who can and wants to play it is difficult in itself. Then there's something like having the equipment for it. I arranged this piece playing at the piano, so I know the difficulty level for it (and it's beyond my own ). Here's a new version btw, with a few added notes:
  5. The source melody is already there at 0:48, but it's all garbled up and hardly recognizable and the opening is a big hint to Dancing Mad. I might make it more recognizable. Thanks for feedback!
  6. Genre: Classical, piano solo After a long time of composing original music and making no remixes, I got back to work on the good stuff! The notes are finished, I will try to make it sound more human later. For now, let's hear what you think about it! Old version:
  7. I actually had to laugh at this. If only I could grow a mustache. Maybe in a couple of years.
  8. Actually, the piano cadenza has the least original motifs of the entire work. I just did weird stuff with it, like retrograding, changing rythms and combining different motifs into one.
  9. I do have the sheet music for it... somewhere. I forgot what happened to it. I'll try to figure that out asap :).

  10. Hey there.

    I listened to you remix: Duet of the Keyblade Masters and was wondering if you had created sheet music for it. If so, I would it be okay if I tried playing it with a friend of mine?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

  11. This is actually pretty cool, but I can imagine the judges rejecting it just because of the piano samples. The rest of the samples seem below average, but passable. Just try to get pianosamples with clearer sound. iirc, some of the samples of http://hammersound.net/ are actually very decent. Or you could ask someone else to do the piano part .
  12. I was wondering when someone would do a project on this tune ^^. And I really like how you worked the source. A bit like a union between Dragonforce and Dream Theatre .
  13. Good news for all out there who were wishing for the sheet music: It's in progress right now and almost finished. You can expect it anytime soon .
  14. I agree with tricklozen. An intro of almost 2 minutes is too long on a mix of 3:50.
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