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  1. I haven't figured out what exactly to do in terms of making something worthy of submitting to OC Remix, but when it came to me really wanting to mix something I like (Fight With Monsters, SMRPG), I resorted to ripping samples from the spc file. Even though I think it turned out good, I know I have to do allot better (as in using original arrangements/instrumentation instead of running "spc channel 2" through the O-Zone mastering plug-in) to manage to "go pro" along with the other OC remixers. Fortunately for me, my other remixes were made with the source files of the original song (the Nine Inch Nails free multi-track releases, a song my friend made, even Beatmania key sounds). When I actually give it a go, I will definitely do it by ear.
  2. Uematsu is right up there in my book. Him plus OCRemix? Fantastic.
  3. What ADX encoding software do you use? I would like to try it.
  4. I live in Philly, but I don't know. I might save up for GameX or VGXpo.
  5. There's gonna be two gaming conventions in and around Philly this October: America's Video Game Expo (VGXpo) at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Oct 9 -11. http://www.videogame.net/index.html and GameX at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center , Oct 23-25. http://gamexpo.us/ GameX already has their music lineup posted (including The OneUps, The Megas, and Armcannon). But VGXpo does not. I suggest this thread should be up so that any news on VGXpo's band list be updated whenever info is found. Also get a count on who from OCRemix forums is going to be at either event.
  6. Great Soundtrack! I went ahead and made a color CD cover from the pic on OC's home page, if that's alright. http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z106/Samthe3rd/ost_ssf2thdr.jpg
  7. I liked this wip of this back when it used piano for the lead melody. (Was that the right term?) My point is, it was good enough to put on my mp3 player then. Now I'll have two copies, cause I still want to hear the older, piano-centric one too. Great work.
  8. Thank you for the feedback, I'll start from square one, and strive to make sure that all the tracks are in tune with each other. I also have a idea on some new melodies/rhythms that are derived from the original song instead of just the exact sequence with different instruments. I'm not sure if the end result will still be a "dance-y" song when I'm through.
  9. Parker - Why Do I Need MP To Stomp This Goomba? Hello, all. I have been enjoying this site for years, and been enthusiastic about remixing VG music for just as long. As many of my "remixes" were just "cut and paste" jobs, I have graduated to using DAWS. Here is something I started some months ago on Cakewalk Music Creator 4. I realized listening to the mixdown that I used instruments that sound alot like the original song. Rather than starting from scratch, I went back and focused more on stuff like volume tweaking, phasing and such. I plan on varying the kick, percussion, and melody some more, as well as adding some hi hats, once I get more free time (and after I get my hands on Adobe Audition). Any feedback is welcome. Listening to the mixdown over and over again on my own headphones, I get the feeling that I'm missing any flubs that might show up if someone plays this in another medium (such as a car or stereo system).
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