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Yoshi's Story - Castle

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Uhn, yes. Much better than previous stuff of yours. Intro is interesting as well as the arrangement, but it's quite hard to recognize original source. Yoshi Castle Theme is one of my favourite VG tracks and you're supposed to do a remix attempt of that theme. Should add some more entry of the original source.:nicework:

However, keep up the nice work. It's more OC-Remix-like this time. :<

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I'm hearing source that I recognize from the game. I'll just leave it at that.

It's really drenched in reverb. Loooong reverbs. Then again, it's really just the dry signal mixed with loads of reverb, which makes it sound unreal, sort'a like sitting in the middle of the orchestra in a big cave. Experiment with delaying and EQing the dry signal, applying a reverb to the dry signal, stuff like that. Subtle is usually good, keep that in mind, tho.

Stereo placement also needs a bit of attention. The brass is in an even greater need of attention, there's the same three notes in succession (e.g. 0:44) that just sound way too artificial. See if you can work on their lengths and velocities to make them a bit more real. Slow attacks make it sound a bit lagging too, see if moving the notes back a little would help.

Can't recall any of your previous work and am too lazy to look any of it up, but it does have a nice sound. I have a feelling it's too simple for OCR, tho, and it's also very repetitive. As a step on the way, it's good. Keep at it!

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