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What song is this?


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It's called "Screaming Retard" by The Monkey Asses. It was a mostly underrated single release, due to the fact that at the time, they were without a producer or a record company.

This version seems to be slightly remixed though, as the original had a slower beat and isn't as short as the original.

The Monkey Asses disbanded in 2006 due to a lack of development in their full album. I think the drummer is now filling in for local bands around New York, and the bassist is attempting to make another band.

Any way, it was never their best work. If you can ever mange to find any of their really early stuff, like the noisy recordings from night clubs and their first concert, go with that. They were much more lively.

PM me if you want some links (can't post them out in the open, you know... forum rules and all that).

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