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Hooking up a gaming console to the computer


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Okay, so I'm trying to hook up my console to my computer. The yellow video wire fits into a plug in the monitor, but im at a loss for what to do with the audio plugs. My speakers do not accept the red and white audio plugs, and from searching in audio stores, I can't find anything that would work with the speakers. Any suggestions?

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You, my good sir, are in luck. I just did the same rig the other day ago when hooking up my xbox 360 to my new monitor.

First off, you'll need a Y-converter for your red and white (RCA/phono jacks) audio plugs. The Y-converter you need has to have female RCA jacks (one for red and one for white) and at the other end, a male 1/8th inch STEREO audio plug. I'm assuming you plug your speakers into your audio card via a standard headphones/audio jack which is 1/8th inch. Make sure you do NOT get the 1/4th inch one (it won't fit) and that you also check that it is STEREO so you have stereo sound. Anyway, the last thing you need to get is a 1/8th inch coupler (female jacks on both sides.) All of these items can be obtained from your local Radio Shack for under $10.

Here's a list of examples of the stuff you need:

Y-adapter (they also come in corded versions): http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2103225&cp=&sr=1&origkw=rca+y+adapter&kw=rca+y+adapter&parentPage=search

1/8th audio coupler: http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102697&cp=&sr=1&origkw=1%2F8+coupler&kw=1%2F8+coupler&parentPage=search

That's it for the parts. To hook up your console to your speakers, just plug your red and white audio plugs into the y-adapter, and then plug the 1/8th end of the adapter into one side of the coupler. The other side of the coupler should have your speaker jack plugged into it. Basically, this makes a direct line from your console to your speakers, it looks weird, but it works just as good as plugging them straight into your TV.

With this setup you can also use your headphones to play quietly at night. Enjoy!

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