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OCR01836 - *YES* Chrono Trigger 'Corrupter of Time'

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Your ReMixer name: Joren de Bruin

Your real name: Joren de Bruin

Your email address: ayato_kamina1@hotmail.com

Your website: -

Your userid: 16286

Name of game(s) arranged: Chrono Trigger

Name of individual song(s) arranged: Corridors of Time

Name of Remix: Corrupter of Time

Well, this mix has come a long way, so to speak. It started out as a pretty blatant rip-off of Sixto's style, but because of my lack of confidence in my ability to carry an entire mix on just guitars I added a lot of instrumentation, mainly drawing influences from the Naruto soundtrack, the Symphony & Metallica album and all kinds of other rock/orchestral songs. A special shout-out goes to Tweek, who contacted me on IRC and besides being a really cool dude, he had great samples and sequencing skills, so he wrote a lot of the string parts, as well the majority of the intro.

The (obligatory) synth solo generated some controversy among listeners but because the "Wow this is awesome"-side far outweighed the "This is really off-key"-side I decided to keep it in. Just wanted to say that it was intentional.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say about this mix, enjoy. :)



Tweek's contributions are collab-worthy, so I'm leaving myself a mental note to credit Brian.

http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=ct - "Corridors of Time" (ct-304.spc)

Didn't like the string being exposed with that fake-sounding decay at :11; the devil's in the details.

Pretty balls out stuff on the arrangement side. I can hear the Sixto influence, but it manages to be its own thing. The countermelody brought in at :59 was a little too loud, IMO, but reasonably clicked with the guitars.

Interesting stuff at 1:35 with the Eastern plucked strings. The textures from 1:35-2:03 were too crowded though. Awesome dropoff and changeup at 2:23; loved the melodic interpretation on the lead.

Went back into the dense stuff at 2:46, again feeling on the crowded side, but I've gotta say, this was actually mixed fairly well. The cymbals seemed to be a bit piercing from 2:58-3:22, but no big deal. A few more dynamic changes here and there, but basically nothing but solid stuff until the end. The track cut off a bit abruptly 4:12 during the cymbal fade, which should be touched up.

Awesome stuff though. Aside from some fairly minor production crits, this was excellent. Welcome to the club, Joren. It's about time!


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The intro is wicked awesome. The strings have a pretty mechanical attack and sequencing but I don't think it hurts the track since they're exposed for such a short time. Otherwise the instruments worked well together and were very cinematic. Nice work there Brian.

And nice rawking Joren! Good counter melody at 0:36 and your playing is tight but still has a pleasing human feel too it. Loving the synth that enters at 00:57, pure gold. The glitchy nature works well with the warm 'real' sound of the guitars. Sweet break at 1:35 although the string sample here sounds a bit dry and exposed.. is it reverbed? If so I can't tell. Thought the snare at 2:03 was a bit ugly sequencing-wise. Lovely synth arpeggios, sweet bassplaying and change-ups. Sweet soloing in general, even though the guitar-solo could probably be a bit tighter with a bit less fret-noise. Works for me though. Also, fantastic ending. Way to get me to rise from my chair and go 'Dude!'.

Yeah the arrangement is spot on.

On the production side, all's well and good. The guitar sounds very clean and well EQ'd. The backing guitars are a bit too loud compared to the lead imo but it's not a dealbreaker. Some more separation in the breakdown part at 1:35 would've helped, but again this isn't a dealbreaker.

There's no way this could get anything other than a YES

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This is almost bursting from the seams with ideas. Plucked strings, synth arpeggios, martial drumming, that smooth laidback guitar at 2:25, the unusually-moded synth solo - somehow you make it all work, and that makes this a lot more than your standard rock arrangement. I love the hell out of this. It gets pretty liberal at times, but it always returns to that Zeal base quickly.

I thought you did a great job with the mixing and the drum sequencing, especially for a song so complex. Everything is very easy to hear in the final mixdown. The only complaint I have is that the bass frequencies sound a little lacking. I think that could have given this even more power, but it's plenty strong as is.


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i certainly took my time listening to this. you did well to enlist the assistance of tweek... he's a very talented guy, as well

rock arrangements are nearly dime a dozen because of how eerily similar to each other they can sound... thank you so much for still managing to do somethin refreshing and entertaining still. there is too much to talk about to realistically cover all the bases but in a nutshell: the arrangement is intuitively engaging... constantly changing it up without compromising the overall mood. there are so many distinct sections here that all fit in so well together. the guitar playing is great stuff. your drums are fine except for some wonky two hand snare action you got goin on your machine gun fills... something about the right hand snare sample makes the fills sound funny. it just bugs me a little but is far from a problem for the track which is still kicking my ass on the 10th or so listen.

otherwise, everything sounds very clear and powerful. this is done - stick a fork in it.


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