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  1. ah yes and therein lies a rather substantial chunk of the problem... just the other day, i was listening to Dave and Chris Brubeck's Ansel Adams: America piece for the first time and was thoroughly moved by it. later that evening at band rehearsal, i eagerly wanted to rant and rave about it like the moment i got there lol i sought to describe how intricately they had woven Chopinesque romantic piano with grandiose baroque piano ala Bach all the while writing this sweeping symphonic and rather American (Coplandesque, i suppose) tribute to one of the great American artists. I ultimatel
  2. John can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that's not what he was saying at all. As far as I can tell, he's suggesting that music theory is quite instinctual at its core... meaning that we recognize forms and systems as "a way to do things" without explicitly recognizing them as technically sound extrapolations of music theory... since all music theory does is set out to describe and organize how music exists in the natural world and establish a language for it to be communicated quickly, accurately and consistently. Some things, such as harmony, come entirely natural more ofte
  3. GrayLightning EDIT: Void lollllllllllllllll
  4. truth. my music was arguably better when i was changing strings once a year and not tuning
  5. bizarre question. because it's the law? put in place to protect the work put in by artists? (did you catch the part that you yourself highlighted where an artist covering or arranging an existing tune can still make a living from it by paying licensing fees? did you catch how that's not illegal? in other words, legality has nothing to do with the matter of originality and creativity in art, just in the protection of artists and their hard work no matter what they're doing?) i realize you're having a real hard time thinking outside of the box of tangible, basic definitions of things b
  6. as far as i can tell, nobody in this thread at any point showed a lack of understanding about the legality of the matter. i'm pretty sure everybody has acknowledged that, legally, an arrangement is not your IP and that anytime you are going to distribute any covered material, you'll have to pay licensing fees. this is baked into every single distributor whether it is distrokid or LANDR or whomever and all the legal entities such as ASCAP or BMI. if you're going to record a cover and sell it, you're going to pay for it either up front or on the back end
  7. nah, i won't quote each individual sentence... i'm just gonna go ahead and quote the whole damn thing and make superfluous, unmitigated love to it because i can't heart your comment more than once and that's not nearly enough. to briefly roll with your point about your SMB underwater arrangement, tho... i perform "Rime of the Wandering Seafarer" live all the time both when i'm solo as well as with my band amidst an entire set of strictly "original" material. nearly all of the time, nobody is the wiser. literally had an actual videogame composer in the crowd once who later admitted still d
  8. ...that would be because " just because you added some seasoning of your own" is a wildly gross understatement of what actually goes on in arrangement or any measure of creative interpretation but we've already beaten the living death out of this horse and it's clearly gone nowhere but south so..... i'll take your cue and let this inane argument go to pasture
  9. lol just because it's WillRock's opinion also doesn't mean it's any more or less anything peace out dude
  10. dude, what's with the 'tude? lol "*hits blunt*"..."pedantry"..."the logic being touted"... seriously bro? you keep making these ostensibly narrow-minded broad strokes about creativity and originality all the while lookin down your nose pretentiously at everyone offering a counter like you're the first person on these forums to write original music. besides, there's plenty of logic in the premise being argued... that, barring legality and the most rigid of interpretations, there isn't a whole lot of difference between a piece of music that blatantly derives its tone, style, and
  11. there is no such thing as a universal truth or a baseline to any interpretation of aesthetic but here we are anyway, thousands of years into this shit, quibbling over it like paleolithic DJ's at a burning man festival
  12. there's no point. we've resorted to "i don't really give a shit" of course, AngelCityOutlaw isn't at all wrong that a fan work is never actually yours and never can be as it is a) legally someone else's and b) is pronouncedly more derivative; the contentious point is the mere fact that he equates that with creative originality and, well, who really gives a shit
  13. this is what i unsuccessfully tried to express before
  14. yeah to be honest, it was really just one aspect of the original point that didn't need to be extrapolated upon nearly as much as it ended up being... but hey, even vgm nerds like to argue lol
  15. yes, you did which is why the only thing i really tried to interject in my initial post was to step away from the technicality of a remix being unoriginal which is already infallible as you've pointed out... but rather focus on how an artist can inject a great deal of originality into the project making it very much "their own" without it being technically or legally their own. like a really creative cosplayer https://technabob.com/blog/2016/02/04/super-mario-bros-x-fallout-cosplay/ there is still quite a bit of originality, artistry and vision here and as a result it is very much
  16. "straight up revision" yeah you're still kind of missing the point. there is very rarely a truly unique creator and your definition of what that is seems irrevocably rooted in logic and there is no logic when it comes to art and how it is passed from one "creator" to another. i understand what you're saying... obviously if you're remixing Zelda's Lullaby, that's Zelda's Lullaby as composed by Koji Kondo, not Waleed Hawatky. that part is self-explanatory... but otherwise, what you're suggesting is that then the entirety of "classical" music save a composer or two and the entirety of
  17. eh frankly, shoehorning "success" (as a function of any external metric) into why anyone does anything is part of why new artists are often so utterly confused when trying to find their own voice and why so many promising musicians end up boring cookie cutter clones. whether anyone listens to your remixes or thinks you're good at it or if it "propels" your "career" as a "musician" are ultimately very arbitrary points. furthermore, i'd wager that if the audience isn't appreciating that it's you making the music, then you're probably either doing something wrong or that was your intent all
  18. i've never crafted a videogame arrangement that wasn't also an "original" sure, fans of my videogame work don't typically enjoy my other original material... but fans of that stuff don't typically enjoy my videogame work, neither. also, i like music?
  19. i'm just here to remind y'all kids that this is how the west was won. this. is how. the west. was won.
  20. it's about a dozen days short of a dozen years since the last time i said it so i may as well return for the fourth iteration of "zykO (really) loves Green Amnesia" GOAT. best. ever. if i could fornicate with this song (not to the song; been there, done that), i would and then i would pray the little green forgetful monkey spawn that emerge would then concoct this ever-green, ever-glorious beauty of sound again and again in an endless timeloop wherein i could eternally rest.
  21. a miserable pile of simian excrement newton FAST
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