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anyone know what song this is?


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I have had this song on my harddrive for a very, very long time. The only thing I remember about it is that I downloaded it from the OCR forums - maybe from the WIP forum - but it's been so long I could be wrong. It's been in my OCR folder on my harddrive, anyway.

I really enjoy it and if possible would like to know 1) who made it and 2) what song it is a remix of (if it is)

here's the link to the file:


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Based on the file name, it may have been part of IronMix Challenge 20 (IMC20).

Maybe one of these..


Clockwork Dolphin - Pan Demon Empire (1:55)

Xerol Oplan - Peace and Pandemonium (4:36)

Dark Paladin - Atomic Castle (3:06)

Kyle Nin - Pandemonium Panic (3:32)

..except that the time of 1:41 doesn't match up, if this information is correct.


Bundeslang's Place

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I dont know if it shows up on the file I uploaded but the last modified date of the file is in 2005 if that makes any difference. I'll look into that iron mix collection but it looks like they're missing most of the imc20 files there....which may not be useful at all. :)

I'm just crossing my fingers that maybe someone would actually recognize the track!

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