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modulation problem in fl studio

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I just bought the axiom 61 keyboard. Im trying to get my modulation to work in flstudio. I tried using link to controller. that sort of works, but really screwy. for some reason the mod wheel in fl studio only moves up. I push the mod up and it moves up, and when I push it down it also moves up! it goes all the way up unil it jumps to the bottom and then it starts agian.

when I use kontakt 3 as a stand alone player it works perfect. Im only having trouble in fl studio...

am I not supposed to use "link to controller" on modulation?

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Okay, here's how you do it, I think there's a guide somewhere for this, but I just figured it out. First, open a new project, or a template that you like to use when you start making/mixing songs. Load up a synth or something (practically any external VST will work fine) now, go into the browser under Current Project>generators> your synth. A list of parameters should appear, scroll down past all of the lit up ones until you get to a list of ones with greyed out names, the first or second one should be Modulation Wheel. Right click>link to controller. When the remote control thing pops up, check the box "omni" if it isn't on, activate it, then set your input algorithm and move your mod wheel. Now delete the synth from the step sequencer (or leave it there if you want it in your template) and save it in a template folder. BAM now when you start projects with that template you mod wheel will work with all mod-wheel compatible synths. (you can also do the same with after-touch or whatevery you want)

If you get confused let me know what the problem is.

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