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Zelda: Link's Awakening 'Wind Fish'

Rom Tom

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This is .. umm.. an update from the previous Ballad of the Windfish remix I made. I don't think update is a good word, because its quite a bit different from the first version.

Whatever, though, here it is :P


Critique away! :D

-Rom Tom

P.s. the Titles to my WIPs aren't generally going to be the titles of the final versions. I just like to label them in...

...interesing ways.

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Ah, this is cool. Good arrangement, and it sounds really pretty.

Just a couple of problems for me:

-The drums distract from the music a little too much. It might be the hard panning; you could bring them in a little closer to the center. Anyway, my right ear gets tired of hearing that snare all the time. Maybe turn down their volume a touch, I'm not sure.

-The noise at the beginning and end. Take it out plzkthxbai.

I think I remember the old version, and while it was good too, I'm pretty sure this is an improvement. Keep it up!

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I really like this remix, however there are two things that I need to point out.

-The drums. I think it would be better if they weren't so loud and maybe set the panning a bit more to the center?

-The water noise in the beginning is one thing that I love, but it's to loud. Maybe lower the volume a bit?

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Alright.. I guess I will take some kind of a poll. Should I keep the water noise and lower the volume or should I just remove it?

I know some people will say, to put it bluntly, 'decide for yourself,' but I'm just interested in some -opinion sharing- here.


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Yeah, the water's quite loud in the beginning.

I like the driving beat. I agree about the snare being panned too much to the side, it tires the ear. The tom sound is not bright enough in my opinion, the drums sort of disappear when there's a tom fill in the middle of the beat. Also, I think the tom fills at 00:51, 01:25 and 02:11 sort of break the flow, the fill for instance at 01:06 works much nicer (it's at the end of a section, not in the middle of it, which might be the issue). Breaking the flow might be what you're going for, of course.. in that case, the fills could be more sparse, in my opinion. Just a few hits.

I think those cross stick hits ("clack!") - or are they rimshots - you add to the basic beat at 00:38 are quite good. However, when you do variation on those at 01:00, it sounds somewhat forced. I feel the accents or the loudest strikes are at weird places - it breaks the flow. In my opinion if you want those specific accents, the main beat should also change accordingly.

I like how you drop the bass for a while around 02:17. The bass in general could do much more during the song, it's extremely basic. It does give room to the beat, but it could do that and still be much more intresting. It also sounds a bit bright and thin for what it does. Maybe drop an octave or change the sound?

The flute and piano play the melody in unison very briefly at points. I think those sound good. At 03:02 you have a section where they play together, but different melodies (I guess the piano plays a countermelody, I don't know the terminology very well). It might be very powerful to have them play in unison for a longer time. Perhaps worth trying out!

I hope this was useful,


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One opinion coming up:

Don't just remove it. When you've got a creative idea, try explaining it or ask for suggestions to further improve it and to make more people happy.

I don't really mind the loudness, I have a different problem with it. I think that it could sound more like water. Hylian Lemon used the word "noise". And I agree that it's hard to tell what it is.

Here are my suggestions for making it sound more like water:

1. Try adding some variety in the noise.

2. Try adding soft splash sounds.

3. Try adding the sound of rolling waves.

I came up with 3 when I imagined myself flying over Koholint. The sea is an important aspect of an island. And the sea isn't just one sound, it has waves. So I especially recommand 3.

The sound of seagulls would be even cooler, but I may have made it tough enough with my suggestions:oops:.

Hope it helped.

the Loyal Subject

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I see what people are confused about.. the noise at the beginning is rain (it sure does sound like white noise, now that people mention the word 'noise'). Haha.. I suppose rain would be more suitable for a forest remix or something like that. I'll try to get waves and possibly seagulls. The fuller it is, the better. Maybe I'll keep the rain as a background noise and it could be a waterfall in the distance.

Thanks a bundle for all the suggestions and tips!:razz:

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