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  1. Hey is that a live cello? if not what did you use? excellent mix of course
  2. Get rid of that noise at beginning, it doesn't sound like sea to me,or make more subtle one this is just to exaggerated, good mix by the way
  3. Ok i am using Vista Ultimate 64 bit and Fruity loops 8 with aiso4all 2.8 and i have problem, when i switch to aiso driver it doesn't reproduce any sound at all,in windows XP worked normally does anybody had same or similar problems?
  4. Hey nice stuff there.although just original melody,no mixes, but it sounds nice, tnx
  5. How come nobody made this mix yet? http://rapidshare.com/files/134183301/Wind_waker_outset.mp3.html
  6. There is some great music in this game,and although i love remixes that are on site already,there is plenty of material here,i am planning to do my own mix but i am still kinda in learning stage, so would like this melody to be a part of some future mix because it is to short to be on its own,it is really catchy,so here, an orchestrated one:http://rapidshare.com/files/134167626/mario_RPG.mp3.html
  7. Meh,it is just orchestration,it is not an mix but tnx anywas
  8. First, nicely done video, but what i would really want to see is a basic rhythm/drums/beat tutorial,as far i can see trough your music,it is always done excellent and you seem to be very good in that area,so it would be nice if you could make some basic, and advanced beat tutorials,example: how to match music with beat or reverse,which plugins/samples fit best for specific genre and so on...i think it would be useful for most noobs;-)
  9. Hey,it would be great if someone could do a main theme remix from paper Mario 64,i really like that catchy music,anyway i have done a little orchestration of a theme,but i am not yet ready to do a real quality mix...http://www.2shared.com/file/3680774/b14ac93d/paper_mario_music.html .
  10. sounds really good,too bad it is too pricey for a hobbyist like me...
  11. Wow 1100$ per minute is pretty neat ,i always thought it is under payed job...guess i was wrong
  12. that sounds good, tech stuff are always welcome,i agree with most here,core basics would be very useful for noobs like me,and i suppose that more advanced mixers wouldn't mind to repeat some basic stuff...
  13. show me where do i find midi or something of your favorites.
  14. Hmm,don't know sounds impossible to me that you are making 7 games with so few people,my brother is programmer and he and his team are having trouble with one game for bout 2 years now,there are 5 of them i think,also not having proof of any kind is suspicious,sory but sounds fake...
  15. You guys are lucky,at least you have an option to rent it,in my country (as for most of Europe),there is no possibility to rent a game,it is ether piracy or buy it (most of the time overpriced)
  16. Happy birthday!http://www.nowupload.com/:9eL
  17. MaCe

    Wii Friend Numbers

    ok this is it i guess tnx
  18. MaCe

    Nintendo Wii

    Hey guy s could you post your wii codes here? mine is in top right corner
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