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Final Fantasy 7 'Jenova Prog'


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I think this track is made of general awesomeness. The drum work in the beginning, the use of organ at 0:34, the simplistic rock sound after the intro, and the background, which is a little hard to hear.

That said, I don't like the main guitar. It's too...overpowering?

Despite the song being about the same length as the original, it somehow feels short.

Good luck with this one.

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the intro is awesome - keeper just for that

the guitar when it enters with the palms should be tightened up a bit.

the strings are a cool touch...but seem to fighting for a place in the mix with the guitars. if you can get more clarity out of them i think it would help the mix out, cause they have some of the most original parts. the balance with them and the rhythm guitars seems off.

i would strive for a bit more contrast between your sections when the guitar lead comes in. lots of things you can do hear - instruments, tone, fx, rhythm. i really kinda want the drums to just go off into craziness at one point.

and by the way, what are you using for drums? they sound great.

keep working at it. i like your work. need more of it.

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Oooh yeah, finish it. Then at least I won't be the only dutch Remixer here ^^.

Other than that, I think the end is really awesome. Most stuff before it sticks a bit too much to the original a la Black Mages version though. Usually not necessarily a bad thing, but there are 6 other J-E-N-O-V-A mixes already. You'll be competing for originality.

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