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Where to download a free MIDI controller

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I'm still learning a lot about remixing so I really need your help. For what I'm trying to make, I need a MIDI controller or something, but I don't have the necissary equipment at my house nor am I willing to buy it.

Do any of you know where I can download a keyboard or something that i can use to compose music? I would prefer free.

What do you use?

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"Download a keyboard", hehe.

There's basically two ways to work with midi - one is to use a midi keyboard (thatis, a physical musical keyboard with midi output) and record the input (and then process it), the other is to use the mouse to enter notes where they belong and process them accordingly.

You'll need a DAW (digital audio workstation) in order to do anything.

Look around the forum, some threads in the ReMixing section should get you some idea of what to get. FruityLoops is one of the default DAWs people use. I haven't used it myself, but I hear it's easy to learn (in comparison).

edit: well, LT moved the thread, so the link doesn't take you far.

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nor am I willing to buy it.

They're not expensive (well, USB MIDI controllers, that is) - especially not secondhand, and they make your life a lot easier, if only for the fact that you can't play chords on a software keyboard controller with your mouse.

edit: good lord, you confuse some major terminology here. Start reading.

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Thanks guys, hopefully all of this stuff will help. And about the terminology thing, I know I sound ignorant. But that's why I'm here learning right?

Just wait an see, soon enough I will present you all with the best Tetris remix you will have ever listened to - infact, you'll literally pee your pants... or atleast I would like to think so.

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