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Live-A-Live 'Kung Fu Generation'


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Like I said before, I'm pretty new to this, so be easy on me! This is an arrangement of "The Bird Flies in the Sky, The Fish Swims in the River" from Live-A-Live, originally composed by Yoko Shimomura. It's nowhere near complete, just a forewarning. This is basically just jamming on piano with some synthesizers and bass going on. I don't know anything about genres really, so please don't ask me to classify it.

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Not that I have time to compare to source atm, but if you post a link to source, you're more likely to get comments on how well interpreted it is.

Drums are dry, and could use some contrast (EQ/compression). Writing is nice, but I don't know what's you and what's source. Production sounds way too early to comment on. Sounds like it could be good.

I'll be back.

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Yeah, the drums and general percussion are pretty much the primary gripes here.

It's a great take on the source, though. It'll need some more mixing later on, but that's later. This piece is still early, and you've plenty of time to hammer out the more deviant side, but you've got really firm footing on the original song here.

There aren't enough remixes for LiveAlive... but that's what you get with so restricted a release.

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Took me a while to get back, but now I'm here.

It's got a weird juxtaposition between speeds, like each instrument was playing to its own idea of the rhythm the track has. Piano is fine, and as the centerpiece of the track, you should probably fix the other instruments.

Drums seem to want to rush it, but their samples seem suited for something of a little slower tempo. I think it could be fixed by just changignt he drum writing sound less like trying to fit into a rock symphony and more to fit with just the piano.

The lead synth's cutoff envelope doesn't really suit the soundscape. Either the decay or the sustain should be upped. I'm don't think it's a good synth sound, at least for this style.

The other, more rhtyhmic synth is giving the track a feel of a faster tempo than the strings and piano suggest. I say you should save that instrument for the end of the track. It's suits the style, but not the tempo. Make it half tempo, and it could work just fine, the current speed of it might be suited for a part of the track, but not the whole - and not where you've currently got it.

The strings are of the slower tempo style. If you want to speed up the track, the strings might be a problem. That, and the piano, are why I think you should go easy on the tempo, just let it be slow. As you write, you might want to double-speed it, and that could be good, but so far, it's just poorly matched ideas of its speed.

Instrument processing is mostly fine, imo, tho you might want to work a little more with that stuff when you're done writing the track.

You'll ahve to make it sound less like bored instrument players with different ideas of what they're playing and unify the track more, but like I said before, I think this could be good.

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