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So, is Trenthian alive?


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I had an interesting conversation this evening. I figure I'll pass along the concern.

user (1:11:13 AM): ?

SLyGLeN (1:11:20 AM): Who's this?

user (1:11:26 AM): ocr lurker

user (1:11:31 AM): and I work with trenthian

SLyGLeN (1:11:41 AM): Ah, I see. Good evening

user (1:11:44 AM): I havent been able to get a hold of him

user (1:12:06 AM): and theres been a terrible accident after work here

user (1:12:13 AM): I know he hangs out with you guys a lot.

user (1:12:38 AM): or at least on these internets and i was wondering if you might know how to contact him to see if he is safe?

SLyGLeN (1:13:04 AM): "hangs out"... on the web? I only see him post occasionally. I've never met him in real life. I would just PM him a message, or make a new thread about it in GenDisc, asking.

user (1:13:13 AM): hmm

user (1:13:26 AM): he will probably turn up I dont think he takes the train

user (1:14:00 AM): http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=35c_1221274282

user (1:14:24 AM): thanks for your time.

user signed off at 1:14:59 AM.

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