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Musician Looking for work!


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Hi, i'm Chris Geehan, if you have heard the IJI soundtrack you may then know that i am the original composer of the majority of the soundtrack. I am here looking for some work, nothing extremely massive or impending within the next short while but i'll should most likely take whatever i can get at the moment.

Me and Dan Byrne-McCullough, the co-writer of the IJI soundtrack are looking for other game makers (i know this is probably not the best place for it but i'm going to try and plug and poke where i can) who need soundtracks. If you are even able to direct me in the right direction where i could advertise for such things that would be most appreciated! That is, if there is not already people here looking for a soundtrack. I know this is mostly composers and remixers so please do not frown to harshly upon this thread, i'm only trying to find somebody to help improve my portfolio more and help a good game out! So hopefully you guys can help me out here with a few moments of your time.

Thanks for reading, looking foward to hearing any positive feedback on this subject soon.

Chris Geehan

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What's IJI?

Also, don't expect to get much business from these forums; you'd probably have more success posting on a game developers' forum or something similar, since a sizeable chunk of the people here are musicians looking for work.

After a google search, I found this:


Ditto for what Taucer said too, to you, Akourah.

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