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OCR02007 - *YES* Donkey Kong Country 2 'Rare Respite'


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ReMixer name, real name: Patrick Burns

forum user id: 10666

ReMix name: Rare Respite

game: DKC2

song: Jib Jig (named Rigging on some spcs)

composer: Dave Wise

PROJECT SONG: This is for the as yet unnamed Donkey Kong Country 2 project Taucer and Bahamut are organizing. I absolutely love the Lord of the Dance soundtrack, and I was trying to imitate some elements of it. It worked out well, I think. I added a little Brahms reference on the end.


http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=dkq - "Jib Jig" (dkq-05.spc)

Lossy-sounding in terms of the production. The woodwind lead at :49 was too loud and piercing IMO; less so for other woodwind spots, but they were there. Nice guitar work at 1:33 with a cool transition into the bowed strings at 1:52. I would have probably toned down the boat creaking SFX, but not a huge deal. The resolution at 4:21 was "proper", though it came out of left field to me.

On the whole, really solid and creative arrangement variation, even if the production sounding lossy and the woodwinds piercing my ears took some steam out of this. I'm gonna go conditional, mainly on toning down those volume issues. If there were any suggestions on making the production sharper without making it too dry, I think it could use that as well, but it's not a dealbreaker.

YES (conditional)

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No but really, I heard this before on the DKC2 project WIP boards and loved the style. Certainly some great personalization here Patrick. This is how I always imagined this song to be really. The arrangement moves along nicely and all elements sound perfectly in place, I especially enjoyed the guitar. Sometimes I wouldn't have minded some more percussion but then again it's a highly personal opinion. The boatcreaking was awesome.

It seems quite loud though, toning down the woodwinds that gets slightly piercing is a must for me. The guitar was a bit overpowered after the first run of the theme too, it sounds a bit too wide and just.. loud! In general it seems like a lot of these instruments just feel a bit too loud and wide. It doesn't hurt the track that much but if you at least fix the woodwinds it could be a good idea re-checking your levels one last time to keep them from sounding lossy at such high volume.

Bottom line; this is a great piece of music. The arrangement is lively and chock-full with ideas. The production needs a tiny extra push but was generally good too. So, fix the woodwind levels and while you're at it maybe some additional fine-tuning of the overall levels. Fantastic job Patrick!


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The second section of Enya's "Shepard Moons" is almost a dead ringer for your piano intro. The same slow, graceful mood, some of the same notes even. That's just the start of great comparisons I can make with your song. It's a wonderfully playful and colorful arrangement that recalls a lot of world music I love, thanks to the myriad instruments you employ. It seems like you spent a lot of time getting each part to sound right, and it really adds up. The writing is superb, weaving Jib Jig and your original additions seamlessly. Really, I can't say enough good things about this arrangement - fantastic.

I can hear some of the criticisms about volume levels, but I think we don't need to hold this to a conditional. Fix the slight issues if you can, but I definitely want to see this posted.


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Celtic bias!

Yeah, this is pretty hot. Great arrangement, great adaptation to the style, really great instrumentation.

Production is decent, but I'm definitely hearing the loss in sound quality during a couple parts like Larry mentioned. I don't think it's the woodwinds, but rather the shakers and the strummed instrument behind them. For whatever reason, the high frequencies are just being gobbled up alive.

Maybe Patrick is just using a crappy encoder. I say that one of us ask him for the uncompressed wave file, and I could try encoding it a couple different ways--try to get it a little closer to 6 MB.

So yeah, I guess my vote is also conditional, but only because of the render, and not for any arrangement or production flaws.

YES, Laddie!

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