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Chill-Out BGM (wip) - Need Feedback!


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The first things to say - that may seem unimportant but actually IS important - is, that this song does not bug the listener nor goes on his nerves. And: It could be from a sequence of a film or else... Maybe in a part where someone has a audience-heard monologue with himself and is on the way home...

So, nothing special inside it until now. But: Its not crap. And that makes is good enough to throw it on other people - which you have already and successfully done.

Modify it or leave it. I think it can only improve IF you did (that sentence was no criticism), so don't panic.

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Cree`: I think your right about the delayed effect there, it needs to be fixed.

I think it can only improve IF you did

vr_jadison: I'm sure I will do my best to improve myself because I'm really starting out and I'm not satisfied yet with what I make until now so I felt that I need someone to judge my work every once and a while so I can see how much did I improve.

I think I'll pass this and leave it as it is for now and I'm sure that I'll do my very best in the next one.

thank you guys for your feedback I really appreciated.

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