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RoeTaKa - Mind Over Matter. New Song!


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So I'm regularly busy with projects for various people, and don't really get alot of time to do my own thing. Today I made a new song and wanted to post it around, it's an electronic-dance piece with a focus on piano melody.


(I'll put it on a proper ftp soon) Hope you all enjoy!

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Looping it, loving it.

This is very relaxing stuff. It has a really cool feel to it

The overdrive guitar is sweet; it does not hurts. Its lead at 1:42 got an awesome tremolo sequencing. Starts on center and then goes to right.

Main melody is surely spot on piano. Loved that piano and when it was more exposed over 1:57.

The strings in 2:36 were a great addition; they brought a good feeling for that part. You managed to keep things interesting in the whole song. Ending was superb.

Nice to see more from you. As an original, this is wonderful music.

Composing stuff is great. I believe creating is simply one of the most important things we can do.

I still listen to 'Run Away With Me' a lot. Never got tired of that song.

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HAHAHAHA. I posted a WIP right above your song without noticing you made it. Weird timing.

I absolutely love the texture you pulled off in the intro with that pad. I think you have a very signature style of drumming; I never hear beats like yours, and I can always pick one out.

Anyway, nice shit yo, great modulations, good melodies, and good to see your still making music!

Take it easy Roe.

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Haha I always enjoy your comments Txai, glad you're still around these parts! Creating is beautiful, it's something you can never be ceased to be amazed at. Thanks alot for listening.

I hit up your song Ross! I can always count on ma buddy. Maybe I'll get to speak to you soon and catch up, and you take it easy too, you stud :P.

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