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We Have No Choice... Let's Go.


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I finished a song a few years ago, when I was 17, called It's The Algorithm. I recently had a huge bout with musicians block, so I attempted to remix that song, and had some amazing results.

This is that result

It's still rough, and doesn't have an ending yet, but early opinions are always welcome. I intend to finish this soon, so any constructive comments any of you have would be greatly appreciated.

On another note, this song has also inspired me to start an EP based around It's the Algorithm. At the rate I finish things, it will be done in about 4 years.:P

Anyway, thanks for your comments, and enjoy.

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Ross! Long time bud, long time. I haven't heard anything new in ages but I've definately hit on your songs now and then. Loving the intro it sets a great atmosphere and for two very good reasons, the build into the middle section and the interest of the way the synths are working up untill the main melody, which is sweet. Alot better than some futuristic game OST's I've heard but I don't wanna try and compare to games, since this sounds in a better league. I'd love to hear more build on the strings and crazy synths from the beginning later on, with more of that sweet lead synth. Be confident with what you know is kicking ass in this song, play on those strengths, you know we all wanna hear dat shit!

Thanks for checking out my song man, definetly finish this it's really cool. I'll try and keep tabs around here! Can't wait to here more RK in the hood.

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I think I remember you... you were an user who did support reviewing songs in WIP boards, but had a different nickname. You even posted comments about a track made by me if I recall.

Yes. I definitely know who you are.

This song is indeed an improvement of your previous stuff. Very good use of what you got.

A complete version of this will be great and beyond.

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