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MC Frontalot Needs Keyboardist

Shael Riley

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Hi, friends.

I don't know how many people here have heard of MC Frontalot or the nerdcore hip-hop scene, but I like to think of the nerdcore hip-hop and video game music arrangement communities as being just a small step removed, both through people like Mythril Nazgul and myself, who've been longstanding members of both, and through core cultural similarities.

Earlier today, my friend MC Frontalot, who is currently touring with MC Lars and YT Cracker, was in a car accident. His trailer flipped, leaving the three artists and their band mates badly shaken, though fortunately uninjured. Their keyboardist, though, was so frightened by the event that he quit the tour, leaving the group without an essential element of their live show.

I've always thought of Overclocked remix, and the larger video game music arrangement community by extension, as one of the Internet's foremost caches of untapped musical talent; and if someone needs an untapped cache of secret musical talent right now, it's MC Frontalot and his touring support acts.

The group needs a keyboardist who can meet them in Denver tomorrow night, ideally someone who could follow their tour back to New York City over the course of the next five weeks, filling in on all tour dates.

MC Frontalot, MC Lars, and YT Cracker are all legitimately profesional, full-time musicians, with regular spots on G4 TV, songs on Itunes, and T-shirts at Hot Topic. Even so, they aren't rich; they aren't backed by a label, and they may not have the contact network to find a replacement keyboardist near Denver on short notice, in order to continue their tour.

So, is there anyone who can meet MC Frontalot in Denver and play keys for him?

Please send me an email or private message.

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