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Pittsburgh Game and Anime Music Awesome Rock Concert - November 16


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Hey, I figured I should post this here as there may be some of you in Pittsburgh who may be interested :mrgreen:

Basically, we're two awesome bands called Battlecake (the video game band) and Antimotion (the anime band). Battlecake plays hard rocking rock and roll in the vein of The Black Mages but more fun, and Antimotion plays anime openings/endings with a ton of flair. (I'm the keyboardist in Battlecake - I'm spoiled, I get awesome synth solos in lots of the songs, but hey that's what an OCReMixer pedigree gets you =D)

Here's the flier:


It's at Carnegie Mellon University, in the "University Center" building in the "Rangos Auditorium". It's $3.00 at the door, $1.00 pre-sale (I have no idea how any of you would be able to obtain a pre-sale ticket at this point, but anyway, it's cheap regardless!) We would love to entertain the fine, sophisticated ears of OCReMix listeners - it's more satisfying than entertaining the unwashed masses.

[i don't know if there's anyone still around at OCR who remembers me - anyway, I'm still around! By the way, we have a fantastic arrangement of Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger - when we get it recorded maybe we'll submit it! Oh yeah... to entice you, we're covering the Advent Children version of One Winged Angel (I play full orchestra :mrgreen: :mrgreen:), but don't tell anyone, it's supposed to be a surprise!]

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