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  1. Rell! Haven't seen ya in IRC in a while. Don't be a stranger. :)

  2. What gear do you use?

  3. A friend of mine who has cancer called me up to tell me that Songs for the Cure cleared up his cancer quite nicely so it looks like it's working so please keep buying the CDs!!! Plus the music's great and all
  4. I'm really looking forward to this release! Alec friggin' Holowka is in it! Even just the fact that Kyle Gabler was featured last year makes it something special, to me anyway. Let's fight cancer, 'n stuff!
  5. Yo, this thread seems like a "let's talk about MAGFEST thread" and I have stuff to say! 1) Prophet of Mephisto, awesome jams! So much fun. Baba yetu, yetu, uliye, mbinguni, yetu, yetu, ami-NA BA ba yetu, yetu, uliye, lako yabo something something kuzwe.... can't stop singing it. 7/4 is no good btw cuz you lose the "ul-i-ye" which is a beautiful sequence of rhythmic syllables. 2) DrumUltimA, best Corridors of Time ever, thanks to you. Believe it or not, my bassist friend was TOTALLY PISSED OFF that we had to leave right afterward - we just don't get this quality of musical experience regularly enough. Melody, you were great too! 3) Getting 15th (14th? 16th? 18th?) place in DoD was alright, but I especially enjoyed the warm congratulations and cheering and who could forget being randomly foisted into the air by drunk indie game composer panelists.... That's what I wanted to say right now
  6. i fucking love your music

    just wanted to say that

  7. This here is an album! Thanks for introducing me to MilesTone
  8. That was fantastic. You guys are fun, and I'm glad I got to meet many of you - see you next year! And Jamspace... amazing. Unimaginably great. Thanks Escariot for helping out with it, and to everyone I got to hear (notably the well-rehearsed and unique combo of Harmony, Taucer, bustatunez, yodaisbetter, AudioFidelity, The Pezman, and more I'm probably forgetting probably). At one point Vincent Diamante (one of the game composers at Magfest) must have liked the stuff myself and some others were doing (2 of my band-mates, plus beej, coda, and more), since he came up and jammed with us for quite a while! And then Dom too must have liked what he heard, since he joined us for some amazing CT jams (including "Undersea Funk Palace"). Can you believe this stuff? Rellik, Vincent Diamante, Dom and a drummer that I didn't recognize jamming deliciously on Chrono Trigger... can't wait for the video.
  9. Hey, I figured I should post this here as there may be some of you in Pittsburgh who may be interested Basically, we're two awesome bands called Battlecake (the video game band) and Antimotion (the anime band). Battlecake plays hard rocking rock and roll in the vein of The Black Mages but more fun, and Antimotion plays anime openings/endings with a ton of flair. (I'm the keyboardist in Battlecake - I'm spoiled, I get awesome synth solos in lots of the songs, but hey that's what an OCReMixer pedigree gets you =D) Here's the flier: It's at Carnegie Mellon University, in the "University Center" building in the "Rangos Auditorium". It's $3.00 at the door, $1.00 pre-sale (I have no idea how any of you would be able to obtain a pre-sale ticket at this point, but anyway, it's cheap regardless!) We would love to entertain the fine, sophisticated ears of OCReMix listeners - it's more satisfying than entertaining the unwashed masses. [i don't know if there's anyone still around at OCR who remembers me - anyway, I'm still around! By the way, we have a fantastic arrangement of Corridors of Time from Chrono Trigger - when we get it recorded maybe we'll submit it! Oh yeah... to entice you, we're covering the Advent Children version of One Winged Angel (I play full orchestra :mrgreen:), but don't tell anyone, it's supposed to be a surprise!]
  10. DarkeSword beats Rellik to first TP mix?! Impossible! Or actually very, very possible... at least you didn't take the material I want I officially call dibs on a complete ripoff of Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts for Midna's main theme (whether I can handle it or not is another story). I kind of forgot all about OCR until I read that press release in my e-mail today, but it's nice to come back and hear some stuff from good old Darke! Maybe I'll stretch EWQLSO Gold Pro XP's legs a bit with a Midna mix of my own, as a hold over until I can get a jazz band together (a hold over until the end of time is not a hold over, mind you) With regards to the mix at hand, the harp and woodwinds sound fantastic. Very atmospheric stuff - the backing padding of overarching strings and choir makes for a very deep feeling, really reminiscent of the kinds of times the source material would play, actually. Nice arrangement, although I feel like some of the parts were pretty stilted at times, and realism tended to go way down the tubes during the parts with faster strings or brass (can't blame you for any of that, though, I'm not much better, even with my new super-expensive orchestral libraries ). Interesting choice of reverb, I think it fits really well Congratulations on the first of what I hope will become a long line of Twilight Princess mixes!
  11. Actually, it's even now possible to use Windows VST's in Linux - there are several wrappers out there that, as far as I know, allow a reasonable majority of synths to be used. Plus there are plenty of synths written specifically for Linux - I think it's as viable a platform as any other for writing music. I mean, even a Commodore64 or Amiga will do the job - there's lots to like in Linux for any reasonably code-sensible musician. You just won't be able to use the same tools, necessarily. Of course, I can't see any good reason for most people who are used to their Windows environments to switch - I know I'd never give up my comfortable workflow and hardware support if I didn't have to.
  12. Nobody has any right to ask you to care. For those of us who do care, we care because of an innate sense of connection to the rest of humanity (compounded by the fact that most of us can relate closely to the circumstances of the VT students - or even have friends among them) - if it honestly makes no difference to you, nobody can judge you for it.
  13. Wow - really liking this! This your first foray into D&B? The bass is great. The drums are stereotypical, but hey, D&B is D&B - everything functions nicely. I'd have to say that if this were a soundtrack, I would end up having to mute it, though - the intensity would start to grate after a period of time, especially if this is an RTS (as I believe it is). Regardless, great imitation of D&B fashions!
  14. Holy crap... Death Note just stopped telling the story I wanted to hear (episode 25).
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