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FFIX The Place Ill Return Someday remix WIP


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No source link, no source comment.

A little too much and too long ppl ambience in the intro, but the strings come in beautifully. Then the track gets more average when the drums come in, but with the right drums, it could work wonderfully.

Watch the balance, you've got things a little too far panned, until the bells cam in, it sounded like everything was in the left channel. Those bells could need some work too, they kind'a blend together with other tracks a little too much, you might want to shove them in the background.

Your lead woodwind seems to be lacking higher frequencies, making it sound a little painful, especially panned in one ear. It also needs some EQ separation from the bells. Separation by panning just blends them together here.

Piano also blends together, you gotta get separate your tracks more. Drop their mids, raise a more narrow band on each of them, make sure they're all different.

The track is a bit too repetitive. Needs more variation.

Has potential, but needs work. Good luck with it.

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I personally like it better with the bells in there. The newer drums are a definite improvement; they no longer sound as synthetic, but they still seem to entirely match with the music. It's like listening to a beautiful orchestral piece with drum loops over it.

I also really like the audience noises. Overall, it's a good piece. Fix the drums, and it could be a great piece. Keep it up!

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About the percussion...

This piece sounds very orchestral, so you could avoid generic drumbeats altogether and opt for more traditional percussion (listen to some of Vampire Hunter Dan's pieces, he's got some great orchestral stuff). If you still want to use the drumset sound instead, just don't let it mindlessly loop. Listen to each section without the drums, and see where the main beats should go and what sections should have less drums for contrast.

Percussion has never been my strong suit either. Just work with it until you come up with something you like. Good luck.

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Wow. Huge improvement here! I also noticed that the bells are back, which makes this piece sound much better.

It's good that you started using dynamics at around 3:00, but it comes in too suddenly. You should at least have the piano and strings building through the section before so it doesn't just attack the listeners when they're offguard.

The drums, especially towards the beginning, still sound a little dead. They lack energy. However, I don't think you should change them. Instead, and this is just a suggestion, try pushing the tempo of the entire piece a little (I'm trying this by adjusting speeds with Windows Media Player to see how it sounds, and it's actually worth a shot). Then, towrds th end of the piano part, where the huge build should happen, you could also slow it down to the tempo you've got now and it would sound awesome.

Just a thought. It might not work at all. Great improvements so far! Keep it up!

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More pan issues. Still not liking how the drums and other tracks come in. Drums have no energy, no bite, none of that. Look through your EQ and compression presets, see what works. Give the snare a little reverb.

Orchestral bits need to be more human, less panned, more roomy (use reverb, just not too much)... Piano suffers some of the same problems. Also, find some drive for the track. A bass track, perhaps? Upping the tempo, as suggested, might also work. Perhaps a combination of the two?

What's with the volume jump at 3:00. There's dynamics (which is slower and more about intensity than volume), and then there's volume jumps. That was a volume jump. Good idea, not a good execution.

Also, it gets repetitive towards the end. Also, it gets repetitive towards the end. Also, it gets repetitive towards the end. Also, it gets repetitive towards the end. :D

Getting better.

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