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Beatdrop -- 'Revolution' Album Release (Free Download [Not anymore! Sorry.])


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Sorry, folks. Currently no mirror available, as Richter's paletteswap server is no longer up and running. However, there are a CRAPTON of people out there, particularly in this community, who've got the album handy. My best suggestion would be to ask around on IRC (#ocremix or #thasauce on EnterTheGame) or do a quick search on http://www.uvrx.com/search-all.html to potentially track down a RapidShare or the like.

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Good god alive, and here I thought this thread had fallen off the face of the OCR boards by now. Nice to see that it hasn't!

For anyone who did not obtain this album while it was freely available, it is now for sale on FiXTStore.com for a very reasonable price. It also includes a couple extras; namely the seemingly-highly-sought-after remix of "Blood Inside" that I made for a friend of mine to use while DJing.

And while you're there, be sure to check out my new(est) EP, 303EP, which includes a couple tracks from my forthcoming album, Superluminal, along with remixes.

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