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Beatdrop -- 'Revolution' Album Release (Free Download [Not anymore! Sorry.])


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

The wait is over. The Revolution Has Begun.


01 The Collapse

02 Revolution

03 Burn Out

04 Flash

05 Get Down

06 Minutes to Seconds

07 Heatseeker

08 Blood Inside

09 Air

10 This Isn't Happening

11 The Return of Supernovatomic

12 Revolt

13 Praxis (featuring Ransom Rath)

14 Though Everything May Fade Away

15 Seek High + Low

I present to you all my fifth full length studio album, Revolution. It's been a work in the making for roughly a year and nine months now, so I can safely promise that it is the utmost pinnacle of my ability at this point. Everything that was set into motion with In The Dark has been refined and expanded upon here.

As promised, this entire album is available for all to download absolutely free. Every track was meticulously mastered and rendered as MP3 @ 320kbps to ensure the highest quality audio fidelity.

Album artwork and liner notes is provided in the form of a digital booklet in PDF document format designed entirely by Lexx (http://www.sugar-stars.com), the same person who did the cover artwork for In The Dark. Full lyrics are included for every song. The booklet featured in the above ZIP file is specifically engineered for viewing on a computer, while a seperate version of the booklet, sized perfectly for printing--should anyone desire to print a copy of it and assemble a physical version of the album--is available HERE. Also included in the ZIP file is the above image of the album cover for use on MP3 players and the like.

EDIT: Just noticed that, at present, there are a few typos in the booklet that were overlooked by mistake (including a missing portion of the lyrics to "The Collapse"). A corrected version of the PDF booklet will be concocted and made available seperately from the .zip file for those that already downloaded the album, and the one currently in the .zip file will be replaced with the corrected version. Sorry!

EDIT 2: The updated digital booklets are now available. The print version can be snagged at the above link, and the computer version is available here: http://beatdrop.paletteswap.com/Revolution/revolution.pdf

As always, I encourage you to donate whatever you think the album is worth. Donations can be made to me via PayPal. Just send your donation to beatdrop@gmail.com. I also strongly encourage feedback and reviews of the album. All donations and feedback/reviews are immensely appreciated.

And this is by no means the end. As I said, the Revolution has only just begun...

UPDATE: The free-ness of this album has run its course. If you somehow missed out on it during the extended period of time when it was free, I apologize for your late arrival to the party. However, you can now obtain the album (with a couple extra tracks) from FiXTStore.com for a very reasonable price. Just head over there and look me up in the artists list.

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Sweeeeeeet! Really impressive album art by Lexxy too. I thought the vocals for "Minutes to Seconds" sounded off, but otherwise I'm loving every track. Personal favorites: "Burn Out", "Flash", "Geat Down", "Heatseeker", "Blood Inside" (loved the belltone style lead, and the piano later on was an awesome touch)! Definitely some strong shit here.

I just updated the VGMdb entry for it: http://vgmdb.net/album/10507 I also Twittered about it, before I read the liner notes, then Twittered about THAT! :lol:

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I'll download this tonight when I'm on a nice fat juicy internet connection. That artwork is awesome though. It'd take me days if not weeks to cook up something that hot in Photoshop.

Thanks! I think the whole thing took around 10 hours, partially in Illustrator but primarily in Photoshop. Lots and lots of time spent distressing things <3

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Sweet! The music you make is always interesting, Beatdrop. I'll give this a listen and edit this post later.

edit: This album is overflowing with awesomeness. Some parts completely consume the atmosphere (a good thing). I love how gritty and it can get! My favorite track right now is "Revolution."

Not to speak for anyone, but If you're interested in spreading this around, I'd recommend talking to Global-Trance. I recall him getting bLiNd/Leifo's song on Corsten's radio show. It's not the same genre but GT seems to have connections.

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