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  1. I've always preferred OverClocked ReMix as the album title, which what I used before you guys standardized the ID3 tags way back when. As long as you pick a standard and keep to it, though. The whole reason I came across this thread was noticing the album names have been swapped around the past couple months, and wanting to find what to switch them all to.
  2. Yeah, I remember playing Herzog Zwei at a friend's house when I was very young, young enough that I forgot its then-wacky German name. I spent years trying to find more about it, but because it sold so poorly and few rental chains carried it, it wasn't until the advent of the net and a tip from an older RTS gamer that I found it on Emux. This game is tragically underrated, especially considering the popularity of the RTS genre. Here's hoping AirMech can find a better fate.
  3. This album is amazing. I bought it immediately after seeing the ad video on YouTube, and I've shared it everywhere I could. Good Luck BGC, make some waves!
  4. I wish to concur with this suggestion, and add 909 - Gorgo. A couple friends and I get together every month or so to watch a few MST3K episodes. It's awesome to see just how long lasting of an impact Joel, Mike, and the Bots made on pop culture. And remember: Keep Circulating The Tapes!
  5. The shitty comments are a two-fold problem. Some of them have to be trolls with nothing better to do, but not all. I have grandparents who are very vocal in their dissatisfaction with my life over here. Sadly this is mainly because they were kids during World War II, and the propaganda the US used was excessive (but on par for the day). Essentially they grew up during their formative years hearing and believing that "The Nips" were inhuman evil bastards (as oppossed to the Nazis, who being European, were merely evil). That type of indoctrination doesn't go away easily, and can be passed on to future generations, such as the baby boomers in the auto industry who flamed a new wave of anti-Japanese hate in the 1980s. The trend continues, bolstered by other ignorant factors like ethnic misidentification (Chinese, Japanese, same difference) or the whole weeaboo/anti-weeaboo bit which only compound the problem. While my family avoided falling in with the former generation's grudge, I have cousins who did not. Sadly I can completely see one of them in particular making the types of statements we're seeing.
  6. I've been told by some here that Japan requires all nuclear plants to be built on bedrock to provide as stable a foundation as possible. Japan is paranoid about quakes and have put a lot of time and research into minimizing damage. I'd think it's a safe bet to say more than any other country even. But as said before, preparation can only go so far. This quake was huge; enough so that even the numerous aftershocks were at devastating levels. Considering the drills and safety seminars I've sat through, none focused much on tsunami. They probably never considered them to be this threatening. Essentially, this country was just blindsided by a devastating one two punch, and even far from the affected areas like where I live people are really on edge. And even regions like mine on the southern tip of the main island are slowly being affected. I got an email earlier today from a friend saying that the power grids in the lower regions of Japan are going to start supporting the disaster zone up north in about an hour, and people are being told to ration their electric consumption.
  7. So if Rare is shut down, do all their remaining properties go up for grabs, or does Microsoft assimilate them? If this leads to some old properties getting new treatment, I'll call it a win. Jet Force Gemini and Battletoads comes to mind.
  8. Yes, I'd prefer dozens (or likely hundreds) of albums with the ability to select by game as opposed to one album with 2000+ songs to sift through. If someone would not want a ton of albums on their player, they could just pick and choose what games to transfer over. It's just my two cents on their proposal. These new torrents are a lot of work for them regardless, so I'm still grateful that standardization is happening at all.
  9. This information looks awesome, so a big thank you to the higher ups at OC Remix. My only criticism is, unfortunately, about the album tag. Can't the album title be "http://ocremix.org - 'Name of Game'"? From what I've read by Liontamer, it seems you guys made the decision for solely "http://ocremix.org" based on ease of site recognition. Is that the only concern involved? While I can agree with simple marketing, having the game's name in there as well would make organization much, much easier. Not everyone has an iPod and organizing/sorting music on some MP3 players without album info is a pain, and if a simple web address was your only concern, would it hurt to have both in there, clearly marked? Still, this standardization is an amazing effort you guys are pulling off, so thanks again. I can't wait for these torrents.
  10. How could the series go from phenomenal to shit between 2 and 3&K? They weren't that different. Most major differences I can think of were definite improvements, like complete control over tails, level saves, better special stage system, branching levels, zone transitions, etc. There was a definite lack of focus on speed for most zones, but Sonic 2's later levels had the same issue. 3D Blast was the beginning of the decline, says I.
  11. Sounds promising... Personally I'd rather take out all the world exploration elements in favor of a sailing simulator. And remove a third of the dungeons. And I bet both our ideas would do really well if we add an easily marketable throw away side character that no one could possibly like. Yes, Zelda can only get better after Ocarina of Time.
  12. I was looking forward to The Force Unleashed, but the level design, auto target, and boss mechanics are all absolutely awful. The game is there, but it feels like they rushed just about everything under the (correct) impression that it would sell anyways, simply on concept. It lacks any polish that LucasArts used to be known for, which was heart breaking. And as a nerd, putting creatures on planets where they don't belong for the sake of being cool causes no end of rage. But that's a Star Wars geek issue and forgivable in terms of game design.
  13. I was living in Nagoya when it happened, so I think it was late 2007. I want to say November. So yeah, almost three years.
  14. It looks like the new region will be called Isshu. All the previous areas were based on Japanese geography, but I can't recognize this one so far.
  15. I heard they were originally going to call this Kung Fu Kid, but then changed the title to make sure everyone was aware this was another Hollywood remake. Like we're not sick of them...
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