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[Hardstyle]OneUp - I Am Lexx


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Damn, I haven't listened to Hardstyle in a LOOOONG time and you just got me hooked again. Where's my Colour of Hardstyle CD and Showtek vinyl?

Awesome so far but I noticed a few things. The bass noise that you use between :51 and 1:02 sounds really flat and doesn't really hit you like Hardstyle bass should. Try to up the decibels or maybe use a different sample.

The track was pretty short and ended really suddenly but you said it was a snippet so I HOPE that means you're gonna continue to work on it. I think I'll keep an eye on this one.

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Yeah, hardstyle is awesome :)

You're right, that "pre-kick" or what you say is just something I put there for now, I'll change that when I try to to finish this track. It's gonna be finished, this is just a test (my first actually) of how able I am of creating this style.

My wish is to make a vgremix in hardstyle :D

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Yeah, I know :(

Any ideas on source?

For a VG song to remix:

I always thought some of the original Streets of Rage songs would make good hardstyle songs.

Then again, if you remixed some vg songs that usually get mello remixes, that would be cool. Think Zelda, Final Fantasy, etc...

For artists to listen too to get ideas, my favorites are:

Donkey Rollers



The Prophet

DJ Duro

DJ Zany

Lookin forward to updates.

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