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  1. Obligatory mention: Absolute contrast to the rest of the soundtrack, it was a stroke of genius.
  2. Merry Everything, from an ex-lurker that barely shows up anymore, but still loves you very, very much.
  3. You know, Streets of Rage Remake had that option, and it got kinda ridiculous, with dozens upon dozens of corpses piling up, specially on the elevator stages, to the point where I started wondering "Oh my god, I'm a mass murderer", or "Oh my god, how would the smell be like"...
  4. Tinhead, for Genesis, could have been a great platformer, if it wasn't for it's weird jumping physics. Instead of going half the distance on the up, and half on the down, it goes 3/4 on the up, and 1/4 on the down. That ruined it for me...
  5. Choral music is more harmonic than melodic. The basic idea, in my opinion, is that dissonance creates tension, and consonance relieves it. How to enjoy it? At every moment, try to figure out if you're liking what you're listening to, or if you're not, and why exactly that is. Observe yourself reacting to the music, rather than just the music. That's how I got into classical music, and it may not work for everyone... EDIT: Also, there is no "proper" way of listening. What's important is that you figure out what exactly you like or not.
  6. It’s so sad that things have to come to an end… Specially considering that I’ve been listening since the beginning… But wait… Nothing’s coming to an end. You’ll keep doing stuff that you like to do, probably better when you don’t have that weekly shore to perform. To be honest, like many, I always liked your fanfic readings the most, just because you sound a lot less burdened. So, I just wanna say THANK YOU!!! And I’ll keep listening. LOVE YOU ALL!!!
  7. Hey, thanks for this, that's a lot of tracks!
  8. Mmm, the traffic there is recent enough, so maybe... Thanks, I'll keep an eye out.
  9. I just realized that it remains unremixed... How the hell did that happened? Please give it a listen, it's pretty varied, it has classical, early Disney style, electronica, smooth jazz, epic orchestral... All super-happy stuff:)
  10. For what is worth, I have been a loyal fan from day 1. I don't say anything because I'm shy and stuff... I'll comment about each episode from now on. Remixmas was alot less bad than the title prepared me to be. I only listened to the recording, so I'm sure it was worse before the edit... It made me laugh... The final statements were particularly heart-warming... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  11. Happy birthday from this lurker fan, I actually have a beer on hand, and I toast it to you.
  12. The ending of "a boy and his GF" almost killed me due to it's utter redundancy. Also, I missed Deven, nice to listen to him again.
  13. Edit: It's reversed on itself, yea... Gotta experiment with this... edit 2: My whole post was irrelevant due to me not reading everything. Try a reverse delay. e-phonic's "retro delay" seems to do that.
  14. I once dreamed that I was waching an ocr web-cartoon about the bigshots here and their nerdy, boring lives. Kinda like Seinfeld...
  15. I'll just take advantage of this revival to say that I'm really enjoying this game. Streets of Rage was the very first Genesis game I saw, back when I was a teen. It was awesome, just looking at it:-). But playing it right now is miles away from that, 'cause things wear off (heck, we wear off). SoRR v5 is as good as the good old days, and that is an amazing achievement, v2 was still far from that, already a great game though... so yeah, be proud, people.
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