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Halo 3 - Never Forget/Finish the Fight

Sole Signal

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A source I've wanted to mix for a while now, so here's what I've come up with so far. My usual orchestral/electronic blend, hope you enjoy. :)


It has more of a chill vibe right now; I'm planning on expanding it fully as the track progresses.

EDIT: Updated! www.audixmusic.com/audix_halo3WIPnew.mp3

final edit:

Track is completed and submitted! Download it on the remixes page of my website.

Titled "Remembrance"


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Seems to build well but never get anywhere. :puppyeyes: But honestly, that's a problem with the source as well...

The beginning is great, but after the brief peak at 0:17 it slows back down again when I think it would work better if it got faster and punchier. There seems to be way too much background and not enough actual song. The high piano part (eg 0:23-0:29, 0:40-0:45, and the brief snippet at 1:18-19) is the real centerpiece here -- it cuts through so clearly, it's beautiful. But they're so spread out and disconnected that it never really goes anywhere. I would make that part the focus of the piece instead of just leaving it as an accent every so often.

That would really change the feel of the song, of course, but that's sort of the point. Feel free to tell me to go to hell if that's not the direction you want to take things. :tomatoface:

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I can't come up with anything major that I think this would need, other than to say more. I mean, everything sounds perfect. So, the following will be opinions of how I hear the song lengthened in my head. I'm finding that it's the hardest thing to do to take something and go 'I want to expand that, but i don't know how' So, What I'm going to say here I'm really only half sure of.8O

23 seconds in: The piano descends (the patern is 1&2&3&4&) It only does this 3 times. I could really see this expanded. Pick it up at the end to an octave higher than the original and descend again with a few variations or somefing. This will also lengthen the bit after it where you repeat this idea.

51 seconds in: I toy with the idea of doubling or tripling the length here, and putting a piano part with it that will lead to the low 1&2&3&4&.

1:07 Dark, low piano. Mii likes this very much. The piano that I've seen so far (on the higher end) only gets a few hits here. If you were going to expand it, you could play with adding that in (it's 4 measures of the slow 1&2&3&4&, then the higher hits) Leave that as is as an intro, then expand on it. Those higher hits in the origional have a fun melody part if I'm not mistaken.

Hope you can make something from my nonsensical ramblings.


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This is frickin sweet man. I say it sticks pretty dern closely to the original at the moment, but it sounds like you're going to expand based off of the stuff after 1:09. I really really like this; the only thing I would maybe add is a killer bass-line breakdown and finish off with that layed on top of what you have. I dunno, sounds like you'll do it justice. Just keep it up ;-)

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Thanks guys!

@ Native - I get what you're saying, but I love the source's strings and want them to have their own time to shine. :)

@ hewhoisiam - Not sure about everything you're saying, but I'm sure I'll end up lengthening the parts that you mentioned. Thanks for the thoughts!

Put some more work into it, and realized that I'm not exactly sure how I want to go about this yet. The section at 1:07 is now the epic Fight theme, and it may be too soon. I may keep the track more chill/groove influenced as the first minute is right now, and use the section at 1:07 near the end. We'll see.


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I like the new Fight theme section, but you're right when you say it should come later. I did some cut/paste editing in Audacity (to try to make a ringtone :P) and you might want to try something like AB(AB)CD(ABD)A', where A = Never Forget, B = Finish the Fight, (AB)= A mix of A and B, C = Solo section, D = Fight theme, (ABD) = Epic climax with all three themes, A' = piano ending (Never Forget). Something with a lot of movement and evolution.

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