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  1. I bought the pc version... didnt know the soundtracks were different
  2. Even better, although my laptop's speakers do awful things to this peice. On a side note, please do not name this remix "Never Forget the Fight" or something like that because it would be really stupid. =D
  3. To what extent can I use sprites and pictures from the remixed game, if at all?
  4. The Solo So I saw a link to this in someones sig and decided to give it a try... hopefully more people will enter?
  5. Your on your own...the genres are freaking everywhere, and theres no tagging system here at OCR, though that would be convenient. As far as games go, you'd probably be best off just putting "Kirby" or whatever in the search filter, since the naming system for ReMixes puts the name of the game first in the song title. If you want some extra advice, I say screw organizing mp3s altogether. That shit sucks.
  6. Whats that new console nintendo is making its got a funny name like peepee or something
  7. Bigger bass drum... thats all. and Im guessing you havent decided on an ending. Great, now i want the final version in my desk by Monday morning.
  8. I love the dubiousness with which people looking for music from this site are recieved.
  9. It could have been worse... they could have added a werehog character instead of having Sonic turn into him... And then added a bad werehog that fights for the forces of evil just to balance things out. And then added a sort of in between character on some PSP game later.
  10. He was in the Black Mages?
  11. Soo happy to hear Stemage in that opening. EDI: Is his site really goo?
  12. Im sorry but I'd just like to reiterate that Sonic Adventure 2 was amazing. The soundtrack (disregard Knuckles and Rouge levels) was great, and the level design was hoo boy awesome. Add in chao and extra missions and you have a one player game with ridiculous replay value. No, the shittiness started with Sonic Heroes, my friends. Coincidentally, the first time a sonic title went on an xbox and ps2, shit went down the shitter. Dude, I think I bought that game... did it have a screensaver with tails blowing off panels of a sonic picture with his helicopter thingy???
  13. This is definitely my favorite remix, even better than Chekan Winter. I didnt appreciate the spoilers, though.
  14. I saw this posted elsewhere in the forum, and i think it is far too true. everything past Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was total crap... I remember having my ultra high hopes crushed when playing Sonic heroes for the first time... SA2B is probably one of my favorite games...a little too many characters, but if they made a direct sequel and brought back the goddamn choa garden Id be pretty happy. Of course, a direct sequel is impossible because of the sheer amount of characters brought into the sonic universe since the sonic adventure series, but whatever... Oh, the gameboy advance games werent too bad IMO
  15. The drums need help. The beat isnt bad, but the hihat and cymbals sound really fake. Maybe change the volume around on them?
  16. When do you sub? This sounds like a really fun song, god job.
  17. I want to say submit it now, but Im not sure if it would go through. If you were to redo it, the main theme could use more playing, but its really fine as it is..maybe a different ending... The quality of the sound alone eclipses most ReMixes Ive heard. Really my only request is that you post more music here in the future. That was really good.
  18. i noticed that a while back. Well, it comes with the wii, just like mario world came with the snes, and people everywhere buy wiis... so thats it. OOP someone already said that... wii sports wasnt too fun for me
  19. Sorry for the bump but this thread made me join OCR... Mad Bull was one of the best animes Ive seen in a long time... it was golden. Thank you fro the reccomendation.
  20. Got my friend SSBB, remember that game? Good times, good times. Kill of the year: caught his faggot Toon Link's bomb in midair with Lucas and exploded it on both of us when the time was down to one second. We both died at the same time, and I ended up doing sudden death, where I spiked him to his death with a gorgeous bair... a damn shame I stopped playing...
  21. Some of my favorite youtube poops. No CD-i footage in these, though. God knows ive seen enough of that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ue7iFtuYxGY&feature=channel_page plus other stuff ^^need to see stuff like that more
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