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I'm working on a new project with a few friends, it's very early but I've done quite a bit of music already for it in means of concept and inspiration. It's going to be an Action RPG that's more story driven than most, like secret of mana but deep and thought provoking. Anyways I put some tracks onto my myspace, and thought I'd post it around. Thanks for listening!

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Just came across this, really cool stuff... well I like your old remixes also, alike Run Away With Me (Goldeneye 007).

Anyhows is there any way to download this album? cause I don't wanna waste all my downloads listening to it over and over, hehe.



Also, as for facebook... I only recently started using it... have my account deactivated atm, but nevermind... anyhows what I do on facebook is upload my music (I haven't done much, and never really made anything public) to http://www.upload-mp3.com and then on facebook I post a link to it and it automatically puts it into a flash music player for people to play and listen :). Just make sure that if you use that mp3 upload website that ya give public access to the directory/folder with ya music.


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Haha I thought I took this down. I put some of it on myspace cause I didn't want it to be downloaded, was just putting up recent songs I had done for that project in particular. It's not an album...it's not even finished, it's for a game in the writing stage that's been put on hold so I haven't done anything for it in a long time.

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