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Sonic 3D Blast (Gen) - Rusty Ruin Zone WIP


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I'm arranging Rusty Ruin Zone from Sonic 3D Blast to fit in a sort of factory/clock tower level. I'm debating whether to turn this into a whole piece or not. Right now it's just set up for looping. I don't really know how to describe it... It's a mix of of metal, funk, and classic video game music.

Right now, the guitar solo at the end is a placeholder. I'd like to find someone who'd be willing to lay one down. It's just E minor in 6... not too difficult.

Don't hold back any comments or criticism you may have. I feel pretty strongly about this piece!

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Does anybody have any metal guitarists they can reccomend to me?

Snappleman...if you can get a hold of him.


I don't know if Geoffrey Taucer does metal, but I do know he plays the guitar.

As far as the mix, I think its pretty cool, but I know absolutely zero about this particular style, so I can't really leave any constructive comments.

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