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OCR01845 - *YES* Legend of Zelda 'Zelda Heineken'


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One a booze connoisseur like djp can truly appreciate! - LT

Hi there Dj Pretzel,

Long time no see.

I hope you are well!

Just thought I should submit a new remix that I did some weeks ago. It's quite an original and weird remix, but I hope you like it.

You can read all about the song (and how it was made) at my blogg here -> www.tiredtree.se/blogg

Exact link is: http://www.morningdewmedia.com/tiredtree/blogg/blog-entry/The+Heineken+Project/90

It was made totally of samples that I did with a single Heineken beer bottle and then I built the instruments in Kontakt 3 out of the samples.

My brother Nicklas liked the theme and sent it to a contest (dod.vgmix.com), where the song came nr 7 out of 21. =)

Haha, and I had no intention of sending it to anyone.

Well so here we are and I thought that since so many people have been asking about the song that I should submit it to OCremix for review.

I hope you like this remix better than my previous Zelda remix.

Aside from that I'm working on two XBOX 360 titles, one DS title and 2 iPhone games at the moment. It's been a good year for Morningdew Media.

Ok, here we go for the submission information:


My remixer name: Mattias Holmgren

Real name: Mattias Holmgren

Email: info@morningdewmedia.com

Website: www.morningdewmedia.com

Name of games: The Legend of Zelda

Name of individual songs arranged: The Legend of Zelda - Main Theme (overworld)

Original composer: Koji Kondo

Comments regarding the mix:

The other day while having the friday beer I came up with a weird idea (as always). Why not make a song totally made up of sounds from a Heineken bottle? So later that evening I went into my studio with a beer, sampled it in all kinds of weird ways. Clapping the bottom (makes for a good and solid bass drum sound), hitting the sides with my nails, a screwdriver and some other stuff.

Then finally to create a melodic instrument with actual tones I sampled the windy sound of blowing into the bottle with different levels of beer in the can (which obviously gives different pitch). I sampled the beer at 5 different levels and at each level I made 4 different distinct sounds (like hard, light, and sustained-note blow). Then some sounds from the cap hitting a table etc.

The sampling sessions gave me 28 samples of Heineken notes (all articulations included) and 25 samples of drum-like sounds from the can, and I was ready to start making some music of it. Well, not yet...actually I had to build the instruments in some sort of sampler and I chose Kontakt 3 since it's my main sampler and I love all it's features.

Building the instrument patches took about 2-3 hours and then I arranged a really experimental remix of Zelda with the sounds...creazy stuff!


Kind regards,

Mattias Holmgren

Morningdew Media



http://www.zophar.net/download_file/9425 - Track 3

Hahaha, what the fuck is this? Awesome. The drinking "Ahhh" SFX at :48 was baller. This was nothing but creative and fun.

I would have moved more melodic interpretation, but this was nice and expansive, including some solid original sections that pieced together fine with the main theme. The comping style section got kind of hairy, but resolved OK. Great stuff, and a really unique approach that's already an instant classic with me.

Really great to see another sub from you after so many years, Mattias. Definitely keep us informed about your professional game music work!


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Ah! Another Swedish Mattias! Glad to see you back here :nicework:

Very cool and creative arrangement, much because of the limitations. The different sounds you get from the bottle and how you processed them (the low-pass filtered "drums" especially" are very cool. The mix is for the most part crystal clear and the exception is your own reverb and fx which adds a lot to the soundscape.

The arrangement is interpretive enough to be interesting even if it hadn't been played on bottles. I do think it suffers a bit from loose timing at places, probably a result of pitching samples without a very clear attack, but it doesn't take away much from the piece as a whole. The original section is really cool with the pitch bends and everything, very nice.

All in all this is a unique mix that still manages to fit our guidelines despite the limitations of the idea. Well executed and interesting. Like Larry said, keep us up to date about your soundtracks! I'm always interested to see what people from OCR can create!


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