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FFX - Someday the Dream Will End v.Boss


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I had trouble finding the download button. If anyone else had trouble, it's in the upper-left.

The volume's too loud. It's much louder than the other songs on my computer and I think it's causing clipping.

The guitar that comes in at 0:32 is low quality.

Very pleasant to listen to. Not being repetitive at all. Generally good quality production. The pads work really well.

You have a pretty good song, but I feel it has critical problems that you should flesh out before submitting. Good luck!

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this is definitely more listenable than many mixes i've heard. however, imho, here are a couple things you might consider:

-vary the chord progression. everything is either the 'verse' prog (dmin, C, Bb, C) or the 'bridge'-type prog (dmin, emin, F, G) and it gets stale after a while

-the texture variations are good, but consider messing with the rhythms of the melody and harmonies more. i feel like the piece is too predictable

-as SplinterOfChaos mentioned, the volume is crazy, which means it's overly compressed. you're losing clarity by doing this, so if you decide to turn it down, turn down the compression too so we can get some of those peaks back

overall, this is a solid mix, and i feel like it could be turned into something the judges would like. i think you've fleshed out the basic idea well, but what do you feel makes this mix unique? what makes this a 'Grayburg mix?' maybe take that and run with it a little, or, if you feel like that's already there, disregard that. anyway, good work and good luck with submitting/revising.

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