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  1. I love this. My only problem with this album is that it doesn't last forever.
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. wow! congrats all around on a close and fun competition! and great job HalcyonSpirit.. your story was quite moving. it's really too bad that Rophell was banned(?) i wonder why that happened; i really liked his story. anyhow, good luck on the next compo and... and.. i'll get you next time, Gadget.
  4. FOX?! Keanu??! Cowboy Bebop..?! Those words should never even be stored on the same hard drive together, and now these evil bastards are combining them in a movie. This is a total outrage. It's like making a live action Noir movie and casting Lindsey Lohan as Mireille. I'm... I'm beyond pissed, and beyond disappointed--I'm like the Potaru earrings fusion of the two. We've got to do something about this! Does anyone have an address at Fox we can send "Please Don't" mail to? God I feel so powerless to avert this travesty... I'm gonna go write a letter to my congressman.
  5. this is good stuff. for the most part, i like the changes you've made, but here are a few concerns: -first of all, please don't take anything i say seriously unless you agree with me. (: i'm just trying to point out a couple things i might change, but definitely don't feel you should listen unless it helps you better crystallize your vision for how this piece should be. that's what it's all about. -with that said, let me make a couple quick points. the 8 bar break at 2:20 has an additional line in it now, a sort of high bass sound playing a rhythmically different version of the melody until it's back to the theme at 2:34. i know it was my suggestion to add a bass part there (and actually the part you added is cooler than what i had in mind), but what i meant was to add it at 2:27, where the second of the two 4 bar phrases happens. maybe you know that and this is how you chose to do it, which it fine, but i just wanted to make sure i was clear. -my favorite moment is 1:38. not a complaint--just letting you know. i think that's the strongest part of the original material you've added, which is all good. -SplinterOfChaos noted a concern about the lead you're using not being strong enough, and i mostly disagree. however, i think he's right, too. what i mean is that i think it's fine, even "naked," but you might want to consider changing the sound a little as the mix progresses. go listen to AeroZ's "Turning Terrors" for an example of what i mean--at 0:27 the main lead is brought in, but already by 0:39 he gives us a new version, which really helps to sell the melody it's playing. it's all more small stuff... if you want, you should also check out Star Salzman's "Airships Make Me Happy," especially the section between 0:43 to 1:11, for some more ideas on varying the main lead. anyway, the only thing that matters is if you love your work. you see, a remix is like a pokemon--working stats to increase certain areas is useful, but if you don't love it... well, we all know how ash's pikachu faired against lieutenant surge's raichu. that's the power of love right there, man.
  6. dude. this is a very nice mix, and i'm not typically a fan of the genre. also, it's cool that you're willing to mess with what you've got and make changes--that alone will significantly increase your chances of getting a mix posted. as i said, i think it's solid, but here are a couple humble comments: -the dropout at 0:56 is cool, but consider building up more beforehand to really accent this gesture. -the 'b' theme at 1:24 rocks. it makes me want to start raving, but the rest of the mix doesn't amp up the energy when this new theme appears; the background material is very similar to what just preceded it. i know you don't want to hit a climax too early, but maybe a litte change of texture here would sell your new theme nicely. -also, the bridge bit at 2:20 is baller. we get 4 bars of the 'b' theme, and then it repeats before going back into the hard stuff, but what i'm wondering is if the repeated 4 bars there could benefit from an additional piece. say, for instance, we go to the bridge at 2:20. then, at 2:27, when that bit repeats, you add the bassline only back in. that way we're even more pumped for the re-entrance of the full beat at 2:34. this is the climax of the mix right? it's the final entrance of frog's theme after the buildup, so there should pretty much be a sign on this part that says, "THIS IS WHERE YOU ROCK OUT." maybe my interpretation of what you're going for is wrong, but if it's not, we as the audience need to be led to that moment as much as musically possible, and we need to enjoy the hell out of ourselves when it hits. anyway, hope that was helpful. i said a lot, but that's because i feel like this mix has great potential. it's already awesome, so i'm really excited to see what you decide to do with it. best of luck!
  7. wow, thanks to all for the reviews and kind words! i've currently got another metroid mix that was just posted on the 'to be judged' list, but as soon as that goes through one way or the other, i think i'll submit this one next. although i will rework/extend that ending. again, thank you all for the input.
  8. got it. this mix just got tightened excellently. tempo shift is a good move, i love the new section at 1:20; bringing up the high buzzing dissonances in the intro really rocks. great work. this is very cool.
  9. wtf? this mix is so amazing there's no way it was created by a human. to describe it at all would be an injustice to it. you, sir, are a god among men.
  10. i agree. and imho, especially with the second piano patch, it feels like it's missing some punch. it's like the transients are over-compressed or it's been treated with a really wide band pass.. i don't know exactly how to say it, but listen to AeroZ's 'Turning Terrors' for 20 seconds then come back to this, and you can really hear the missing registers. obviously this is a tiny complaint, and that's only because there's nothing else to complain about. it's awesome so far--great groove, excellent pacing, etc. i'm looking forward to hearing more of it.
  11. well, as someone else quoted from the youtube page, it was my own damn fault because i did it in the wrong DAW. turns out style points don't help your GPA. who knew?
  12. thought you guys might enjoy this. it's a clip from wallace & grommit where all the sounds, dialogue, and music have been replaced with sfx and chiptunes from mario games. it played a key role in getting me kicked out of grad school (:
  13. very nice. as i some of the previous commenters noted, this mix isn't really about a story arc, it's more about establishing a moment and exploring that. but to that end, it's really well done. Nice harmonic and rhythmic variations, good orchestration.. i think the theme is well-placed within the mix. if i had to give any constructive criticism, it would be just two things--one, the piano, at its chordal entrance at 1:30, is heavy on the arpeggiations. it might be fine if they were human-played, but to have so many back-to-back arpeggios performed by a sequencer really pulls you out of the trance the rest of it so carefully constructs. this section only lasts until 1:54, but it really sticks out. and two, although some commented earlier that they enjoyed this, i'd like to hear a final fantasy orchestrated/piano mix that didn't use the prelude theme as background. if you are going to use it, and it does work fine here, maybe consider changing it up a little, a la Kevin Lau's 'Aeris Lives.' other than that, the mix works nicely. it would fit well looped as game music itself because of the lack of development, and that's not a bad thing. good luck submitting and all!
  14. howdy howdy here's an orchestral version of the 'item room' theme from metroid. original - http://www.box.net/shared/x682bvb6r3 my remix is a take on it in the style of minimalist and movie composer philip glass. 'Glasstroid' - http://www.box.net/shared/k62tjh59tf any comments welcome. thanks very much!
  15. this is definitely more listenable than many mixes i've heard. however, imho, here are a couple things you might consider: -vary the chord progression. everything is either the 'verse' prog (dmin, C, Bb, C) or the 'bridge'-type prog (dmin, emin, F, G) and it gets stale after a while -the texture variations are good, but consider messing with the rhythms of the melody and harmonies more. i feel like the piece is too predictable -as SplinterOfChaos mentioned, the volume is crazy, which means it's overly compressed. you're losing clarity by doing this, so if you decide to turn it down, turn down the compression too so we can get some of those peaks back overall, this is a solid mix, and i feel like it could be turned into something the judges would like. i think you've fleshed out the basic idea well, but what do you feel makes this mix unique? what makes this a 'Grayburg mix?' maybe take that and run with it a little, or, if you feel like that's already there, disregard that. anyway, good work and good luck with submitting/revising.
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