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Mario 64 + Metroid: Dour, Dour Docks


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Well, this is my first attempt at submitting a remix. It's a darkish techno mix of Dire, Dire Docks with, in my opinion, a very Metroid Prime feel to it. I think it sounds quite good so far, but I could really use feedback! Also, let me know if you can think of a better name than "Dour, Dour Docks" (Koopa's Docking Bay?), 'cause names are not my strong point.

So here it is.


*please be nice* :?

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I wasn't expecting this.

I was expecting badly sampled, four on the floor drums. I was expecting a midi rip. I was expecting the worst really.

This isn't really any of that.

I dunno if it's just me, but I kinda hear the metroid influence, but don't really hear any mario influence though.

The main issue I see is the mixing. The hats on the drums have no sizzle, no shine to them. There's no real treble in general. The dynamics of the song are also weird in that, it sounds normal from 0:00-0:48, then the bass gets really loud (I think it's a separate synth playing). Especially when this is happening, the kick is totally lost. There's also distortion or clipping at 2:20, 2:50 and various other places.

Eqing useless freqs out and taking advantage of compressors would really help this mix.

For a first mix, this is surprisingly well done. It's not quite ready for submission, but it can be (assuming the arrangement is good enough).

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Wow! Cool fusion. Not to argue, but I can hear the Mario throughout (love that source!). Metroid was harder for me to pick out.

I really like the transitions around 2:30 and 2:40. Cool ending too.

I'm not at all knowledgeable about mixing but I can see the potential in this one. Updates, please!

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I updated the link at the top of the page. Changes made to the new version:

--Turned up the treble some on the main lead that comes in at 0:32

--Got rid of the cluttering extra bassline at 0:49

--Added a dark ambient pad at 1:10 so the music doesn't feel like it's been dropped

--Eliminated (as best as I could) "distortion clipping"

--Slightly altered transition from 2:40-2:56

--Discovered .wav to .mp3 encoders (I had been burning the .wav files onto CDs and ripping them back off to convert them to .mp3. I now realize that method is... less than optimal)

Hopefully everything can be considered an improvement. As for the drums lacking "sizzle and shine," I really like the way they sound now. I'm keeping them the same because a brighter, more defined drumset would clash against the mood I'm trying to create.

Oh, and I knew I would forget something. If you're one of the three people who's never played Mario 64, here's the source, Dire, Dire Docks:


The Metroid half comes mostly from the style used. the only actual Metroid music used comes from those six notes at 2:00 and used elsewhere at various points, the most prominent being the huge bass at 2:57.

I think that covers most of everything. Thanks for the positive feedback so far and sorry for the delay.

Be sure to comment on the name as well!

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Personally I think the arrangement itself is pretty good, stylistically it's all there. Nice 'n' Metroid-esque ambience with the Mario tuneh bit. And yeah, then ending is pretty good... It just feels a lil', weak maybe? I dunno.

You'll hate me but:

As for the drums lacking "sizzle and shine,"

They do. They're just missing something. It feels like a MIDI kit, Metroid kits are usually a lil'... wierder. But don't take anything I say too hard, I'm not an expert in any sense and it's just my opinion!

Personally I kinda like it. It sets out to be what you promise.

Oh, and as for the name... Hrmmm... Dunno. Make it clever. I like clever song titles. (That didn't help in the slightest, sorry)

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