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OCR01824 - *YES* Castlevania 'Transylvanian Temptation'


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Fast-tracked, since it addresses issues from a 2006 sub - LT

Download link

Contact Information

Your ReMixer name: Game Over

Your real name: There's a new line-up of Game Over. The band consists of Wire (Elisabeth Pezouvanis), Tim Reaper (Timo Hovinen), Dasaten (Dustin Shomer) and Egg (Mårten)

Your email: nintendometal@yahoo.com

Your website: http://www.nintendometal.com

Your userid on forums: nr. 747

Submission Information

Name of game(s) arranged - Castlevania

Name of individual song(s) arranged - Level 1, level 3

Your own comments about the mix:

Seven people worked with this remix:

Aside from the band, Criss Blackburn, the vocalist of VII Gates (http://www.sevengates.se) did the backing vocals, Zoid from Satariel (http://www.satariel.com) did the growl, Another Soundscape did some of the mixing and Audiomaster (http://www.audiomaster.co.uk) did the mastering.

This is a remaster of the original version from 2006 with new drums. Hope you like it.

I (Wire) started working on the arrangement in October 2001. It was all in my head before I found some time to scrawl it down on a piece of paper (my normal song-writing/arrangement process). Since then I have grown to prefer a simpler, more subtle and less epic style (which can be heard in our future work).

Due to four tempo changes and lots of different styles within the same song, this isn't our tightest performance ever and there were times when some of us cried blood. But it is one of the most appreciated songs of our fans and this is why we decided to redo it.

Lyrics then. Yes, they are about S/M. About dominance and submission and switching back and forth between the two. The song plays around with the thought that this is how Dracula, with his creatively evil mind, found a new kind of amusement in killing Simon. One more thing should be mentioned. It's common in the lyrics of popular music to bring up the five senses. In the second part of the song we incorporated this cliché along with an added joke: Apparently, "sonar" is the sixth sense of the bat.

IF you accept this mix we will celebrate by going live with our new homepage.

Hope you enjoy,

/Game Over through Wire.


http://www.zophar.net/download_file/13507 - Track 2 ("Vampire Killer")

Some of the timing around the 3-4 minute mark did sound like it should have been tighter, but Wire & crew already knew that, so that's cool. Production-wise this was mixed kind of loud, so some of the loudest vocals sounded kind of cramped, but this was clearly still solid. As Palpable told me, loud is "how the kids like it these days", and we all do it for tha chilluns. :-)

Arrangement-wise, very strong stuff with some cool vocals. Hahaha, I didn't pay close enough attention to the lyrics to actually digest the S/M theme here, but that's definitely some untrodden ground in the community. And whether it's a country music ballad or dominance vs. submission, we have no fuckin' fear!

Looking forward to the next one from y'all!


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I was gonna do my Bill Cosby impression about the kids these days, but eh, this is mixed just fine. Not even as loud as songs on the radio. Maybe Larry is getting old.

Arrangement is pretty damn awesome. Lots of variety, lots of passion, completely epic. Performances could have been tighter, but I love this and no way those performances hold this song back.


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I'm still sad I neglected this for so long when I had the audio tracks and then come to the point where I just didn't have the time to finish it. Sorry Wire :/

I can't believe I'm gonna complain about the mixing since I did part of it AND failed to finish anything. I think the vocals are sometimes a bit too hot and that the guitars could have a less digital-sounding distortion. Also the drums (toms especially) are too loud at times. This was pretty minor though, it doesn't keep the track from being awesome.

And the arrangement is, in fact, nothing short of awesome. Lyrics and vocals in general are well performed and written. The performance from the band is overall good but feels a bit loose, 2:29 during the solo especially. Solos were great though. Overall, great variation and personalization.

I know I come off like an ass now but I will always vote honestly and I still think the mixing could've been a bit better. However the arrangement really outweighs this in my opinion. I hope that you get the opportunity to do some album recordings in a studio in the future because a high-quality Game Over album would be fucking GOLD! Nice work.


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Pretty solid stuff. Seems pretty par for GO's course. I thought the drums were a bit quiet at times, and there were a couple places where it seemed like the timing of the snare was off.

But what the hell, this is Castlevania. It's grungy, it's dirty, it's energetic, it's got cool vocals, and it makes me want to go beat undead creatures with a metal chain.


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