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Road Avenger Main Theme Remix - On The Road


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Hey hey... so this is a re-remix of an old WIP of mine, the Road Avenger Main Theme.

Here's the source:

At the moment, the WIP is called On The Road... get it here:


It's nice and dancey... very similar to the old WIP's in structure, but with a more modern twist. The 80's influences are still all there for all to see though.

This is very near complete.

I re-wrote the lyrics a while back to be less engrish... they still completely fit the theme of the game too! :D

Still need the lead vocals in there... but my mate Vaughn (aka drey:ma) is working on those. I've provided some backing vocals for the moment... They need more polish, but they're there. Most instrumentation is done, apart from some garnishes here and there, and a few leads. Might work on the variation of the percussion a bit more and work on adding some more breakdowns in there.

There is no ending yet... it just repeats then grinds to a halt. And the bridge is pretty naked at the moment.

There's a little easter egg in the mix for those with fond memories of the Mega/Sega CD too... :D :D :D

Here's the lyrics for whenever they're added:


I'm gonna live life

when I drive on the road.

I've got nowhere to hide

when I'm riding alone.

And there's no use in wondering why.

It makes me feel that you're no longer there.

How many more tears must I shed

before the pain will lead me back to you.

So I'm gonna survive;

Have no fear on the road.

You'll always be by my side

when I'm riding alone.

I don't care where I'm heading now;

I'll find a place where we can live forever.

And I don't care how long it takes;

Not gonna stop till the day that I'm with you.

I'll keep on burning the miles

till I see you again.

I'll keep travelling on this road to the sun.

The burning sun.

I hear your voice in my head

telling me, though you've gone

'Well be together no matter where we are'

There's no one who can stop me now.


But I hope you enjoy what we've got so far... it's been hella-fun working on this track.

All feedback it welcome:D


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