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  1. Let me know when you read this. Need to catch up with old times.

  2. Woow, I never thought you'd revisit this old WIP! And it's absolutely amazing, I'm really glad you changed it the way you did. Your new vocals are great! The other vocals were great, too, in a cheesy way, though. Very awesome! *high-five*
  3. The MySpace player doesn't work for me, could you post a download-link?
  4. Ah, FFA has one of my favorite OSTs, so I'm already inclined to like any remix of it. What you've got here sounds really promising already. Everything before the fade-out sounds really nice, but that fade-out... is it going to be in the final product as well? I really suggest you find some different transition for that part because it doesn't work (for me, that is!) at all. The rest of the song sounds good production-wise but it also seems like it doesn't know where it's heading. There's no build-up or anything. But this is a WIP so I'm anxiously awaiting the next version!
  5. First of all: Your link is broken! The actual file is "Red Eye Repose.mp3." As for the remix itself. It takes a little too long to get interesting, IMHO. The first 2 minutes seem like a really long intro. After that, it's pretty nice! I like the chilly, relaxed mood. My biggest gripe would be that weird loop that loops through basically the whole song unchanged and is panned all the way to the right (or so it seems). I don't know how to describe that instrument; it sounds like a drum, but it plays a little melody. It gets annoying very quickly though, since it doesn't ever change.
  6. It's not bad, but I guess nobody knows what Technotris is? At least I don't. The remix is nice. Only that piano gets a little repetitive after a while. And as you already said, it would benefit from equalizing and mastering. Right now it sounds a bit flat.
  7. This is a nice start! Even though in the beginning it is very "...and the next loop starts...and the next loop starts...and the next loop starts..." if you know what I mean? But I like the style and the samples used. In the part after the intro it also deviates a little from the original composition, which is good! The high-pitched bells in the beginning are a bit grating on the ears, they could be a little softer. I don't know what else I could say. Try making it wackier! It IS Katamari after all.
  8. This is not bad at all! You're heading in the right direction. A bit longer and slightly cleaned up this could be OCR material.
  9. If you press B+A you can drag channels around (just like the Miis in the Mii Channel) and sort them. Only the disc channel (top-left) can't be moved.
  10. Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance has 2-player coop. That Lego Star Wars game, too. I forgot the name. Donkey Konga 1+2 (this one is definitely easy enough for parents and other non-gamers)
  11. Maybe you can find something useful in the remixing forum.
  12. I really dig the composition, but the previous posters are right about the samples, especially in the beginning with all the organs. They sound really bad. Later in the part with the flute it sounds a lot better, quality wise. But there's still room for improvement. I'd also like some more varied (reggae?) percussion. Anyway I have been waiting forever for someone to remix this favorite game of mine, I will check back on this thread for updates and send you a dead horse's head if you take too long!
  13. I think this re-made version is a big improvement! It sounds less garbled in the busy parts and the sound is fuller. This makes me want to play Oblivion again...
  14. Nice! It really reminds me a lot of Monkey Island 1&2. But it sounds very "MIDI-ish" so far and a bit mechanic in the flow of the notes. If you can get better-sounding soundfonts/samples and make it sound a bit more human and dynamic, this will be really good!
  15. Ok here goes: Me Some VG-characters Mario (kind of looks like the Mario from a certain disturbing VGCats strip) Luigi Link (not very convincing yet) Ness Brock (I just think he looks funny) Samus (still need to work a bit on her face) Other Miis Skrik aka "The Scream" Rufus the evil ant And my favorite "Gna! Gnaa!!" P.S.: Excuse the crappy quality. I wish there was a way to save screenshots with the Wii.
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