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  1. Maybe it's The Legendary Theme from Gitaroo Man you are thinkin of. There was an acoustic version and a metal version. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8qTcx_nzQw
  2. Yo DJP. I'm Jason. We met briefly over at SGC (the huge black guy in the blue shirt)

    Anyways, you told me I should send you a song or 2 that I've made, so I'll go ahead and send you a link. This particular version of the song has added parts from another musician on newgrounds. Here ya go, and I hope you enjoy it!


    And here is a dance remix some other musicians made of the song.


  3. Oh man! I remember the original WIP from like 4 years ago! Sounds even better than it did before. I can definitaly hear how much you've improved along with this song. Keep up the good work!
  4. "This is the way!" Final Fantasy Tactics ps1
  5. Explore more of the castle and you'll get the ability to get passed those parts.
  6. Earth Defense Force 2017 for the 360. Most fun I have EVER had on a budget title.
  7. Sweet! Thx for the advice! I'm still learning how to use my software, so I need to figure out how to tweak the tempo mid song. As far as the dynamics go... I see what you're sayin. Maybe I'll try starting from scratch on the leads and seein if I can correct that problem. Thx again for the advice!
  8. I've been workin on this song for a few weeks now. It's getting pretty damn close to bein done, but I can't think figure out what else it needs. Please feel free to give me any suggestions you may have! www.afro-ninja.com/nsr/moments.mp3 Hope you enjoy what I have so far! Edit: The original upload was of a much older version of the song. The latest version is now uploaded. It should be much easier on the ears, lol.
  9. Lol, I sure didn't. I'll take that as a compliment though . I made it in a few days last week. I needed something to take my mind off of accounting, so I wrote this. Glad you like it!
  10. After 5 years of trolling, I figured I'd throw one of my songs up on OCR. Tell me what you think. Be gentle! http://www.kelwynshade.com/whathaveidone.mp3 for anyone that goes to newgrounds...I am the same Jason from KTRECORDS that posted this song. So no, I am not stealing from... myself...
  11. Toejam and Earl I found a remix done by virt with the tag to ocr, so i gave the site a visit.
  12. lol, sweet. you probably played his cousin matt tanner and his 2 friends emily and ben too. they keep tryin to get me to go with them to that tournament every year.
  13. that's actually a good buddy of mine that made that vid. His name is Shawn Tanner (aka Afro Ninja). I'm the peach that's getting the shit kneed out of her during the wall jump knees, lol. also... if u check out his other smash vids... i'm BBG... once again gettin the shit kneed out of me...
  14. hm... My bad. I just looked up another video I heard it on and read through the replies to see if any of them knew. Apparantly the one who posted it was just flat wrong, lol. oh shit... i just read it wrong... my mistake...
  15. It's Gethsemane by Nightwish. I guess it's also called Gothci Sanctuary.
  16. For anyone else who is still looking for a good link to watch death note on... I came across this site awhile ago. http://www.tv-links.co.uk/show.do/3/1202 There's a shit ton of other animes and shows on there too.
  17. I don't usually go for ambient tracks... but this one absolutely blew me away. It reminds me of "Eden" by Sarah Brightman
  18. I've been waiting for this remix ever since the WIP was posted like 2 years ago. All I can say is it was well worth the wait.
  19. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00793/# u might be able to throw that one in the mix somewhere deeejaaaaaaayy chrrooooooonnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
  20. Do any of you guys make videos of your matches? If so, could you post them? I'd like to see how some of you guys play. I have one here if anyone is interested be gentle also... if anyone knows of a good video compression software... please let me know.
  21. Just do it, I'd watch it. I watch stuff when I'm bored, and I'm bored most of the time. my buddy and i tried recording ourselves with a dvd recorder and it caused some lag for awhile. it made it a lot harder to play for awhile, but it eventually synched up after like 45 minutes or so. I made a sample music vid from the footage if you're interested. creds to trenthian for the wip i used of hers btw... we're not pros, but we've won a few tournaments in our area.
  22. this is by far one of the best loz remixes i've heard. does anyone else think of megaman 2 metal man stage at the one minute mark?
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