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Chrono Trigger - Corridors of Time ReMix 'Corridors of Light'


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I just got my new studio up and running, so instead of composing a new song, I wanted to try remixing for the first time :)!! The song I remixed was 'Corridors of Time' from Chrono Trigger. I call it 'Corridors of Light'


I will be recording some electric guitar for it a little later, so be prepared for that :)!!

Anyway, here it is: img.php?fid=46

btw, turn up your volume, its a little quiet :)!!

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i'm no expert at giving feeds about music, but I can say that you definitely have an interesting interpretation of the corridors theme out of all the remixes i heard on the site.

however you might need some more variations in some parts of your mix cause it tends to stick a bit too close to the source like a little reverb at 1:45 since it sounds rather empty (i personally like the mood but if you plan on submitting it your going to have to have more variations since it gets a little repetitive but that just might be me) the production could be increased a bit more, but its not really a problem as of now.

overall i like the mellow feel of your mix, its pretty good, I would like to see a finished result =]

edit: oh one more thing about the beginning i feel like maybe you could use like bells or maybe like a xylophone for the background theme and have it vary more cause its just the same thing repeating over and over throughtout the track

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Thanks for the feedback :)

Yeah, I was thinking about adding strings to the second umm verse?, so that it flows better with the chorus (i guess you could call it that then haha :))

I will take your advice about adding bells or xylophone to the intro, too.

I will also try and make some changes to it so that it is not so similar.. maybe when I add my guitar to it, it will change :)!! Thanks again.

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